How much does it Cost to Open a Spa in Dubai?

Cost to Open a Spa in Dubai

Being a popular tourist spot, Dubai sets up several recreational and rejuvenation facilities for millions of people flying in and out every year. Apparently, it houses various businesses in different domains for their convenience and comfort. And one such domain that is increasingly strengthening its hold in the Dubai market is the beauty and spa business.

The high standard of living and quality lifestyle of people has become an apparent reason for the success of this industry in Dubai. Hence, this article will address all the concerns related to obtaining a spa license, the specific requirements, and the cost to open a spa in Dubai.

Requirements to start a Spa business in Dubai

Apart from a Spa License in Dubai, you will require a few other things to run a spa –

  • Place a signpost in front of the spa.
  • Allocate separate areas for different activities, such as manicures, pedicures, hair removal, haircut, massages, etc.
  • Keep a distance between the floor and the ceiling not less than 2.3 meters.
  • Dressing chairs should meet the minimum requirement of at least 3 meters in width and 3.5 meters in length.
  • Place a washbasin inside or near the facial treatment area.
  • Install a water heater for hot water facilities in the spa.
  • Use fireproof instruments for the hair-removal process.
  • Equip the spa with adequate lighting to ensure better services and processes.
  • Store cosmetics and towels in cupboards and drawers, respectively.
  • Keep the furniture clean all the time.
  • Always keep disposal bedsheets in the spa and change them after each use.
  • Register all the cosmetics and personal care products with the Product Safety Division of Dubai Municipality.
  • The machines and other equipment used in the spa must be approved by the Dubai Health Authority.

Health/hygiene requirements:-

  • The owner of the spa must have an Occupational Health Card issued by Dubai Municipalities Clinic and Community Health.
  • Staff must be well-trained and maintain personal hygiene.
  • Employees must wear light-colored uniforms.
  • Make sure to properly wash hands after attending to each customer.
  • Be aware of various skin problems and avoid dealing with customers who have any.
  • Keep a sufficient number of towels and aprons to avoid re-use.
  • Use high-quality hair and personal care tools that are made of non-rust materials and free of cracks and sediments.
  • Secure the facility with regular pest control activities from an approved third party.
  • Use a waste bin with a cover inside the spa for waste collection.
  • Implement effective cleaning and disinfection in all areas including cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Also, maintain a daily cleaning checklist.
  • Keep a separate laundry basket for dirty towels/aprons/uniforms.
  • Use disposable slippers in massage rooms.

Other specific requirements:-

  • Obtain permission from the DED (Department of Economic Development) to open a spa center at home.
  • Spa centers must cater to one specific gender, male or female, and the staff offering these services must also be from the same gender. In simple words, male staff for male clients and female staff for female clients.
  • Spa centers catering to both categories must have a separate entrance with separate reception for each gender.
  • Mention working hours timings at the entrance of the premise.
  • Keep the door between the gent’s and ladies’ facility permanently closed.
  • Obtain special approval to work after midnight.
  • Display internal announcements in noticeable areas in both Arabic and English.
  • Indicate that the center does not provide healthcare and medical services.
  • Clients with specific illnesses or medical issues must be informed to seek medical advice before receiving any spa service.
  • Caution pregnant ladies from taking any services.

Documentation process:-

The business formation process in Dubai is incomplete without proper documentation and verification. Hence, you need to submit a set of documents to the relevant authorities for obtaining a Spa Business License in Dubai.

  • Passport copy
  • Photographs
  • Entry visa

These are just the basics. The documentation requirement may change depending on your spa activities. Our consultants can guide you with the needful and provide you with a detailed list of documents required for the license. They will also help prepare these documents to avoid any delays or mishaps in the process.

Costs involved:-

The final cost to open a spa in Dubai depends on several determining factors, such as the overall space of the spa, the services you offer, the facilities you provide, and more. Furthermore, it also depends on whether you are taking up a franchise or starting your business from scratch.

Our consultants can provide you with a clear picture of the total cost to open a spa in Dubai and also suggest you some affordable ways to start your business.

Process of Spa Business Setup in Dubai

Setting up a spa center in Dubai would require you to procure a valid license, which involves extensive paperwork and getting special approvals. The business setup advisors in Dubai can smoothen this journey for you and also provide a couple of tips to run your business without any legal hindrances.

So, here are the primary steps to get your spa license in Dubai –

Start with an idea

You need a business idea and a detailed plan to start a business. The plan must include your requirements, budget, wishes, operation strategy, growth plan, floor plan, and many other significant elements. This will give you a clear picture of how you want to execute your business idea and set up your spa business successfully in Dubai.

Determine the Spa activities

While applying for a spa license, you would be required to mention all the economic activities that you want to perform in your spa center. Therefore, start by shortlisting all the economic activities that you specialize in, and the services that you wish to offer to the clients. For example, massage therapy, beauty services, etc.

Additionally, you also need to determine your target customer, whether it would be a unisex spa or oriented to a specific gender.

Choose a name

The next important step is to choose a name for your spa and wellness center. Propose at least appropriate names to the authorities, out of which the best one would be selected for registration. However, the applicant must ensure to choose the names in line with the UAE trade name guidelines. The UAE government has set up certain rules pertaining to trade name registration, and every business must adhere to them.

Our experts can relieve you from this brainstorming process and help you find a unique yet apt name for your enterprise.

Finalize the location

Investors and entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in Dubai are provided two major options for location – Mainland and Free zone. Both locations have their benefits and drawbacks. Hence, the business owner must make a decision considering all the relevant factors such as control, access, tax benefits, ownership rights, etc.

Apply for a Spa license

You will need approvals and permits from the Dubai Municipality’s Health and Safety Department, and many other authorities to successfully obtain a spa license. Just arrange all the documents in order and make an application for the license.

Speak with our agents to understand the complete application process and the required documents for obtaining necessary approvals.

Lease a space

You would need a space to set up your spa and massage center. Hence, find a suitable premise, get it registered with the relevant authorities, and obtain your Ejari number with the tenancy contract.

Hire staff

A well-trained and experienced staff is the backbone of your spa business as they are the ones delivering services to clients and building the reputation of your brand. Hence, you can hire professionals from inside or outside of UAE depending on your budget and needs.

Set up your spa in Dubai with UAE Expansion!

Although the process and cost of opening a spa in Dubai are not very complicated, professional assistance can make it effortless. The expert team of UAE expansion will arrange all the supportive documents, inform you about the legal formalities and even help you complete them dutifully.

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