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The most frequent activity to be observed throughout the vacation season in Dubai is tourism. UAE takes pleasure in the fact that it actively draws millions of tourists every year. The Middle East’s top tourist destination makes the tourism industry a lucrative area to invest in. You require a Tourism License in Dubai in order to begin the formation of a travel and tourism company. 

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) issues the license, and our advisors may lend a helping hand to make sure all your paperwork is submitted properly. 

With the right management, Dubai has transformed from a desert to one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world. It has extraordinary natural beauty. Skyscrapers, man-made islands, and lovely parks are just a few of the attractions that tourists can take advantage of each year.  However, medical tourism and Halal tourism also draw millions of tourists each year, and Dubai is visited by visitors for reasons other than entertainment. 

In addition, a lot of people travel to Dubai in search of better employment opportunities. All of this ensures that Dubai will remain a tourism hub, which benefits companies in Dubai that are directly involved in the travel and tourism industry. 

Types of Tourism Licenses in Dubai 

The DTCM oversees administering this license, and to make things simpler, they were able to divide the tourist license into four categories. Each of these categories has its own rules and pertinent pursuits. 

1. Inbound Tour License 

The inbound tour license allows you to do business just within the Emirate of Dubai, as the name implies. Those with this license are authorized to lead tours and trips for visitors, providing they are adequately insured to safeguard both themselves and the tour operators. 

2. Outbound tour license 

Service providers may plan domestically and abroad excursions to other nations outside the United Arab Emirates using the Outbound Tour License. 

3. Travel agent license 

Businesses with this kind of license are allowed to engage in operations including ticket sales, hotel, and resort bookings, planning bus and car rental services, etc. 

4. Tour Guide License 

A tour guide in Dubai must possess in-depth knowledge of the city, popular tourist destinations, local culture, and other locations of interest. Due to this, you must pass an exam to earn this license type, after which you will be given a license as a tour guide. This license is good for one year; to renew it after that, you must complete a refresher course. The DTCM issues the license or badge, and to avoid fines as a tour guide, you must have a current license. 

As a business consulting firm, we strive to offer our clients advice that is particular to and suited to their needs. Get in contact with our specialists to explore the benefits and drawbacks of various tourism licenses as well as the business scope and allow us to make these procedures simpler for you.  

What activities are involved under a tourism license? 

The specialists at Business Link can help you comprehend the potential actions you may carry out with this license in hand because a wide range of activities come under this license. 

  • Tourist Visa Services 
  • Issuance of Travel Insurance 
  • Booking hotels and resorts 
  • Selling tickets; flights, buses, and trains 
  • Car and bus rental services 
  • Selling tourism packages 

Benefits of a Tourism License in Dubai 

Even though there may not seem to be as many activities included in the tourism license, the growing demand for tourism-related activities has created a wealth of new options. You can use the same license to conduct our outward, inbound, and travel agency operations without paying any additional fees.  You can engage in a variety of activities if you have a tourism license if they are connected to the travel sector. Tourism-related enterprises in the UAE may qualify for tax-free benefits in a variety of situations. 

How can you obtain a Tourism License? 

Although acquiring a tourist license has always been a very simple procedure, the DTCM has made it considerably simpler to handle with updated regulations. The following are the papers required to submit a licensing application: 

  • Trade Name 
  • Business Activity 
  • Passport copy of the shareholders. 
  • Entry stamp or Visa page. 
  • Passport-size photograph. 

Rules related to Travel and Tourism in Dubai 

The following are a few of the regulations pertaining to the travel and tourism license: 

  •  A participant must successfully complete the Tour Guide Award Program in order to become a tour guide. 
  • This license is valid for a year. 
  • A Tour Guide License Badge is issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and it is required to work in Dubai. 
  • The applicant must participate in the DTCM annual refresher programme in order to renew their tourism license, which must be done annually. 
  • The DTCM will penalize the Tour Guide if he fails to renew it for two years in a row. 

The price of a Dubai tourism license fee will vary depending on the size of your business and more specifically the type of activity you intend to engage in. travel and tourism license cost in Dubai start 15,000 AED. 

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing recently announced a new regulation, removing the requirement of a bank guarantee of AED 100,000–AED 200,000 for each operation as outbound tour operators, inbound tour operators, and travel agents. This is intended to encourage business owners who want to apply for a Dubai Tourism License. 

This significantly lowers the upfront cost and expense of getting a tourism license. The minimum size requirements of 300 square feet were also eliminated.

Get your tourism license in Dubai

You are in the right place if you want to launch a tourism company in Dubai but are unsure of where to begin. This is due to the fact that UAE Expansion have established numerous businesses throughout the UAE. Reach out to us right away to get started. 

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