How to start a beauty salon business in Dubai?

Beauty Salon Business in Dubai

The beauty salon business has always been in demand and highly profitable in Dubai. In order to maintain a high standard of living, and keep up with the corporate culture and modern lifestyle, people in Dubai tend to spend a lot on personal grooming and taking care of their looks. In view of this scenario, a plan to set up a Beauty salon business in Dubai is unquestionably bound to succeed. 

Beauty Salon Business in Dubai: Overview 

The beauty industry has great potential to endure in the pro-business environment of Dubai and can never go short of demand, which is why investors from all over the world are willing to invest in it. 

Dubai mainland is presumed to be an ideal location to start a salon business as you would be able to access UAE’s local market and cater to the maximum number of customers. Accordingly, the business licensing and legal requirements for your business will come under the supervision of the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

However, the department has outlined some major rules and regulations to start a beauty salon in Dubai which we will learn further in this blog. 

Factors to consider while opening a salon business in Dubai 

Before you start a Beauty salon business in Dubai, there are certain basic factors that you need to think about –  

Type of salon 

Determine the type of salon services that you wish to provide. Whether it would be just a hair salon, or you wish to provide additional services like manicures, pedicures, facials, and so on. All the beauty equipment and therapeutic tools that you would be using in your salon must be priorly approved by the Dubai Health Authority. 

Also, you need to decide whether you want to open a men’s salon or a women’s salon. 

License and permits 

For a smooth and successful salon business setup in Dubai, you must ensure to acquire all the necessary licenses and legal permits in compliance with the laws and regulations of Dubai. It is also advisable to stay aware of the shifting guidelines of the business sector and keep the business protected against any lawsuits. 


Estimate your initial budget before you start a beauty salon business in Dubai. Make a plan for your initial expenditures and how you would be managing your finances for future operations and growth. 


When you plan a business, you have a target demographic in your mind. Similarly, for a salon business, choose a location that would fulfill this need and get you good revenue for better functioning. 

Types of Salon Licenses in Dubai 

Women salon license 

  • Activity code: 9602201 
  • Activity group: Ladies’ salon 
  • License type: Professional 

Description: Involves beautification and hair care services such as hair washing, trimming, setting, dyeing, waving, straightening, fixing, etc., as well as cosmetic treatments such as makeup, skin cleansing and hair removal, facial aesthetic, foot care, manicures and nail treatment, micro-blading, etc. 

Men salon license 

  • Activity code: 9602101 
  • Activity group: Gents salon 
  • License type: Professional 

Description: Includes activities related to hair and beauty treatments for men, such as hair trimming and cutting, dyeing, waving, straightening, fixing, etc., and cosmetic treatments, like skin cleansing and hair removal, facial aesthetic, foot care, etc. 

As per the rules of DED, the internal doors of the salon should be kept unlocked, and a bearing glass must be placed to reveal the interior of the rooms. 

Get a beauty salon license in Dubai 

Here’s the proper route to follow in order to start a Beauty salon business in Dubai:-

  • Submit a copy of the visa and passport of the owner and partners, if any, to the DED 
  • Choose and register a unique trading name that is unrecorded with the authorities 
  • Get the pre-approvals from the DED to proceed with the license application 
  • Draft an MOA with the help of a local service agent and duly sign it in front of the authorities 
  • Rent or buy a working space as per your salon requirements 
  • Get the tenancy contract and an Ejari number to present to the DED 
  • Procure additional mandatory approvals from the Planning Department as well as the Health and Safety Department of the Dubai Municipality 
  • Finally, make an application for the license, submit the supporting documents, and pay the fee amount to the DED 

The professionals of the UAE Expansion team can carry out all these steps on your behalf and help you get your license in compliance with the authority guidelines. 

Documentation requirements:- 

  • Visa and passport copy 
  • Trade name certificate 
  • Description of business activities 
  • Memorandum of Association 
  • Tenancy contract 
  • Approval certificate from the Dubai Municipality 

Legal Requirements

To set up a salon business in Dubai, it is equally mandatory to get the approval of the Health and Safety Department as well as the Planning Department of the Dubai Municipality. Nonetheless, the mentioned authorities shall approve the application for the license only if the below criteria are cautiously met – 

  • Business license – A valid professional license from the DED 
  • Staff requirements – Each member of the staff must possess an occupational health card provided by the Dubai Municipality. Also, they must maintain proper hygiene and be in their uniforms while inside the salon. 
  • Premises – Most importantly, get location approval from the Planning Department of DM. Place a signboard at the entrance of the salon. While determining the size of the salon, ensure to keep a space of 3.0m width x 3.5m length for one dressing chair, and a distance of 1.0 m between all the dressing chairs in the salon. 
  • Furniture – The furniture used in the salon such as the chair, cabinets, mirror, etc. should be clean and fit with proper lighting. 
  • Water source and drainage – The salon must be equipped with a water heater as well as a proper water source and drainage facility. 
  • Floor and ceiling – The height between the floor and the ceiling in the work area should not be less than 2.30 meters. 
  • Separate areas – Allocate a separate area with a wash basin for manicures, pedicures, hair removal, henna designing & facial services. Also, provide a proper partition for this activity area. 
  • Fireproof materials –  The area and equipment used for hair removal activities must be made from fire-resistant materials. 
  • DHA approval – If you intend to provide any therapeutic or beauty treatments, the equipment used for the same must be duly approved by the Dubai Health Authority. 
  • Additional requirements – Equip an exhaust fan, changing room, and cupboard with a sufficient number of towels for the oriental bath. Also, keep an adequate number of disinfectant materials, waste bins, cupboards, drawers,  first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, sterilizers, and basins surrounded with ceramic tiles. 

Additionally, the beauty salon license cost in Dubai comprises numerous expenses such as rent of the premises, equipment and furniture, staff recruitment, insurance and marketing, and many more. Nonetheless, in the end, this business proposal tends to make significant profits and create a steady income for the owner. To know more, consult with the business setup professional in UAE Expansion. 

Consult with the experts for your dream business! 

Still confused about how to get started with your business idea? Simply get in touch with the team of UAE expansion and avail free consultation on registering your salon business and license in Dubai. We will assist you through the entire process and provide you with an outright business setup in Dubai at an affordable cost. 

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