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Office Spaces for Rent in Dubai

Dubai has successfully established itself as one of the best business havens. The thriving commerce and retail industry, well-connected transport system, low-tax business transactions, and a stable financial sector create a perfect environment to foster a business.

However, to harness the full potential of the workforce and ensure the overall success of the business, it is important to find the right premises and provide them with an ideal office space. You can find a wide variety of commercial properties with well-developed corporate office spaces for rent in Dubai.

Advantages of renting an office in Dubai

Diverse economic system

Dubai has a strong, competent, and resourceful market that provides ample opportunities for businesses to grow and operate across the globe. Jurisdictions are segregated into different business zones that cater to specific business needs and activities. Therefore, finding a business center office for rent in Dubai could impact businesses positively as well as massively.

Strategic location

The convenient and central location of the Emirate could be possibly one of the main reasons to consider office Spaces for rent in Dubai. The strategic geographical placement allows businesses to grow into the rapidly evolving markets of the Asia Pacific, South Asia as well as India and China.


It is undeniable that Dubai’s infrastructure is exquisite. Besides, it is resourceful and easily accessible for businesses. From strong internet access to fully furnished spaces, businesses can find offices at very affordable rates.

Legal framework

The legal structure of Dubai is quite friendly when it comes to trade and foreign investment. Moreover, the government has streamlined the process of business setup in Dubai, starting from licensing to setting up branch offices across the country. This is because of these hassle-free legal formalities, including foreign labor policies and liberal trade regimes that foreign entrepreneurs are more inclined to set up an office in the Emirate.

Cost considerations

Daily expenses and maintenance responsibilities are not a misery in the head when it comes to doing business in Dubai. This simply means one does not have to think of the additional expenses while renting a commercial space in the city. Since the rental costs are low and all the facilities are provided, one can get started with the operations from day one.

Benefits of Office Spaces for Rent in Dubai

Choice of location

The location of the office is vital as it must be easy for the clients to locate them. Taking office spaces for rent in Dubai gives the owner the power of choice. They can choose a location that can be accessed by both employees and customers.


Buying an office means not only getting a personal working space but also installation of tech equipment, furniture, a phone line, internet services, etc. It all includes a lot of cost. On the other hand, rental spaces in Dubai such as office spaces for rent in Business Bay are easily available and are often plug-and-play, with features like inbuilt phone lines, internet services, fittings, furniture, power points, and more.


If you planning to expand your business in the UAE, you will need a larger office that can accommodate more employees. If you already own an office in Dubai, the expansion may become impossible. However, with a rented office space, the movement to better and larger office space is flexible.

Working capital

Office space demands capital for maintenance. Nevertheless, if one considers investing in a cheaper rental office in Dubai, one can save on this capital and spend it on operational needs.

Types of lease agreements for small offices for rent in Dubai

  • Gross lease – The tenant will pay a pre-fixed monthly rent while the landlord will take care of other expenses like insurance, taxes, and maintenance.
  • Land lease – The tenant pays for the property to construct a building. However, at the end of the lease, the landlord gets possession of the whole property as well as the building.
  • Triple net lease – The tenant alone will pay for the rent, taxes, insurance, and maintenance work.
  • Modified net lease – This is the most commonly used method in Dubai where the tenant and the landlord share the expenses.

Requirements and amenities in office spaces for rent in Dubai

Renting an office space is often the more economical choice given the high prices of commercial properties in Dubai. Moreover, they are preferred options for those businesses that are operating from multiple locations. They are usually equipped with all the necessary amenities required to run a business smoothly. For example,

  • Well-furnished meeting rooms for client presentations and meetings
  • Dedicated office spaces and working desks personalized to employee needs
  • Officially registered and DED-approved
  • Relaxation areas like lounge and game rooms for employees to chill out during breaks.
  • Professional receptionists to answer calls
  • A dedicated phone line
  • Round-the-clock access
  • Reliable internet connectivity
  • Technical assistance and support for IT-related issues
  • Convenient postal services or mail collection services
  • A prestigious business address to enhance brand image such as Conrad Hotel Dubai, Office Space for rent in Business Bay, etc.
  • Regular maintenance services
  • Essential utilities such as power, water supply, etc.
  • Access to equipment like printers, Xerox machines, scanners, etc. for document-related tasks
  • Pantry and prayer room spaces for comfort and relaxation
  • Unlimited refreshment facilities like water, tea, coffee, etc.

Hence, these are some common facilities one can expect from a rented office in Dubai. However, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a commercial space for your business.

Things to consider while leasing offices for rent in Dubai

An office space is crucial for any company. Before you set out looking for the perfect workplace in Dubai, there are a few things to take into account:


Choose a location that is conveniently accessible for employees, customers, and suppliers. Also, consider its proximity to transportation hubs, its suitability for your business operations, and other factors.


Your budget will impact the quality and availability of rented office options. Therefore, always check whether the selected spaces align with your company budget and if other flexible payment plans can help manage your budget effectively.

Type of furnishing

The type of fit-out you will need for your office will depend on your business activities and level of service. You can either find fit-out contractors who will execute your plan or professionals who will assist with ideation and execution.


While looking for rented office spaces in Dubai, ensure that the necessary business requirements and additional facility needs are duly met. Since it is important to provide a comfortable working environment to employees, the employer must ensure the fulfillment of all the functions in the acquired space.

Lease term

Check the lease term before signing the agreement. Typically, lease terms are for three to five years in Dubai, but if you are anticipating expansion and growth of your company, you can avoid long-term commitments and look for flexible alternatives.

UAE Expansion will assist you

When you are on your quest for the perfect office or you wish to upgrade and optimize the interior of your current office according to your business needs, you’ll need the guidance of a specialist to help you out. UAE Expansion will help in arranging suitable office spaces for rent in Dubai that are economical and fully serviced.

Be it corporate offices, shops, small business spaces, warehouses, or commercial establishments, UAE Expansion experts are dedicated to catering to all kinds of office requirements.