How to Get an Institute License in Dubai?

Institute License in Dubai

Interested in learning how to license a training institution in Dubai? Are you considering opening a training institute in the UAE? There are a few critical measures you must take. These procedures vary from other ways of forming a business in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. 

You must acquire a license for a Training Institute before starting an instructional company, training institute, or school. You can open a training center on Dubai’s island or in one of the city’s many autonomous zones. Prior to understanding how to obtain a license for a training school in Dubai, it is crucial to be aware of the prerequisites. 

In this blog we will go through the benefits, Key Requirements and the process of obtaining training institute in Dubai. 

What are the Benefits of Setting up a Training Institute in Dubai? 

Obtaining a training institute license in Dubai can have several benefits, including: 

1. Legitimacy and Credibility: 

Your training institute will be genuine and approved by the government if it has a license in Dubai. This can boost your image and give your company respect, which could help you draw in more customers and pupils. 

2. Increased Marketability: 

A Dubai training institute license can help your school become more marketable by giving your skills and knowledge formal recognition. This can make you stick out from the crowd and draw in more customers. 

3. Access to Government Support:  

Having a license for a training center in Dubai can give you access to government assistance, such as financing options and training subsidies. 

4. Opportunity to offer accredited courses:  

You might be able to provide accredited classes that can assist your pupils in earning recognized certifications or certificates if you have a license for a training school in Dubai. This can increase the value of your institution and increase the appeal of your classes to potential pupils. 

5. Compliance with Regulations:  

A license for an institute of training in Dubai guarantees that your facility complies with all rules and specifications imposed by the government. This can assist in avoiding potential legal problems and fines that could result from non-compliance. 

6. Obtaining Training License

The Department of Economic Development (DED) must grant permits before you can start a school on Dubai’s mainland. 

What is the role of DED? 

The licensing authority for Dubai’s peninsula is the Department of Economic Development (DED). In Dubai, the DED requires a license from every business, and the same is true for the educational field. In Dubai, DED offers preliminary clearance, trade name registration, and finally the professional license. 

The DED will primarily retain the brand name for Dubai-based training or educational institutions. The DED will grant the establishment its original clearance. Depending on the type of school, DED may also require permits. The DED gives the educational training license in Dubai Mainland once all criteria have been met. 

It is necessary to acquire a training permit or permission from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in order to establish an educational training center, institute, or school. 

What is KHDA? 

Dubai’s private education industry is under the jurisdiction of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), a state body. KHDA strives to improve the educational institutions’ operational perspective and guarantees superior education. 

Schools, early childhood centers, colleges, training facilities, and higher education companies are all supervised and permitted by KHDA. KHDA’s mission is to advance the worth and outcomes of education on all fronts while preserving the sector’s ongoing growth in Dubai. 

How to Set Up a Training Institute in Dubai? 

To establish a training institute in Dubai, Indian investors, and other foreigners must take the following steps: 

1. Obtain Initial Approval and Reserve a Name 

Setting up a training institute in Dubai will begin with this. You must first secure initial clearance and register a trading name for your ideal educational institution. Therefore, include the registration application with all required documentation. 

2. Submit the Business Plan to KHDA 

As part of their early interactions with the council, Indian company owners must provide KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) with a thorough business plan. In addition, KHDA is in charge of approving training licenses for each and every private training facility in Dubai. 

The oversight committee oversees different educational divisions like early childhood centers, secondary schools, and numerous other training facilities in order to guarantee academic success. Your submissions should also contain the registration form, a shareholder roster, educational information, and more. 

3. Apply for a Professional License and Complete the Paperwork 

Once you have received KHDA clearance, you can submit an application for a license for a training institute in Dubai. Don’t neglect to present all the certificates and approvals that you received in the earlier stages as well. Additionally, in order to open your educational training center in the Emirates, you must submit an application for a professional license. 

Your training institute license must be renewed yearly to keep it active. The business specialists at the UAE Expansion office will assist you in quickly obtaining the required license. We also offer enlightening advice on every stage of the procedure. 

4. Submit Tenancy Agreement, License Information, and Civil Defense Certificate to KHDA 

Submission of the professional license information, a copy of the tenancy agreement, and the civil defense certificate to KHDA is the final stage in opening a training institute in Dubai. Additionally, if you want to engage in any business actions that are not authorized by your license, you must file for outside approvals. 

As the relevant governing authorities thoroughly assess your business plan, course information, and other papers, the procedure for license issuance typically takes two to three weeks to complete. 

Training Institute License Cost in Dubai 

In the United Arab Emirates, enrolling in a training institute generally costs between 30,000 and 50,000 AED. The original clearance, license, name registration, notarization of MoA/AoA, and other costs are included in the required government payments. 

Additionally, you must pay the labor card costs, KHDA approval fees, and many other expenses. However, if you deal with the experts at the UAE Expansion, you won’t need to be concerned about these payments or permits. We keep an eye on all the funds to make sure the proper sum is given for each clearance. 

Similarities Between Getting an Educational Training License in Dubai Mainland and Freezones  

In free zones rather than the Dubai Mainland, a license for a training institute must be applied for. Additionally, the procedure for obtaining an educational instruction license varies from free zone to free zone. However, the KHDA approvals are the same for both business organizations, whether they are on the mainland or in a free zone, and they are very important. Sanctions from the KHDA are necessary after acquiring pre-approval from the free zone or mainland government. 

These include: 

  • KHDA must be consulted for early clearance of the facility’s business strategy and layout. 
  • Additional resources that will be used in the training institute’s educational programs must be presented for clearance. 
  • The facility’s trainer and instructor must also send their accompanying documentation. 
  • The license will then be granted by the appropriate supervising body free zone or Dubai mainland following KHDA’s sanction. 

Overall, getting a training institute license in Dubai can offer your institute a number of advantages that can assist you in establishing a respectable and prosperous training operation in the area. 


Although getting a training institute license in Dubai can be difficult, it is a necessary step in starting a reliable enterprise there. Understanding the specifications and processes for getting a license and adhering to local laws is essential for success, whether you are conducting business on the mainland or in a free zone. By doing this, you can gain entry to a lucrative market, provide pupils with high-quality education and training services, and support the growth of Dubai’s educational industry. 

Even though getting a license for a training institute may initially seem difficult, with careful preparation, investigation, and advice from the appropriate officials such as our professional at UAE Expansion, it is possible to succeed in this competitive and quickly expanding market by getting a license for a training institute. 

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