Mainland License

The Mainland Region is said to be one of the most in-demand areas for business setup in the UAE. A Mainland License opens the door to broader markets and makes you eligible to do business from anywhere in the UAE and around the world.

Free Zone License

Talking of Free Zones, they are the strongest pillars of the UAE economy as they attract most of the foreign investments. With a Free Zone license, you get several perks like 100% ownership of your company and tax exemption.

OffShore License

Business Setup in UAE, Offshore offers secure and safe business options for entrepreneurs. Offshore companies can trade internationally without having to pay taxes. You can’t have an office space with an offshore business setup.

Other Licenses

Other types of licenses available for business setup in the UAE are Commercial, Industrial, Professional, and Tourism licenses. You can opt for an industrial license you want to establish a manufacturing business. Business license in UAE.
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UAE Trade License

Anyone considering starting a business in Dubai must obtain a trade license there. When launching a business in the area, this is among the most crucial tasks they take.

Business Setup Services

With our Business Setup services in UAE, Dubai, you may increase your Company Formation productivity and attain the pinnacle of the corporate and business world.

Business Sponsorship

Reliable, dependable corporate support that guarantees complete operational ownership. We serve as your local UAE agent for professional licences or as your local UAE sponsor for LLC companies.

Financial Services

We will provide you with all the financial services and banking assistance you need while starting your company in the UAE, Be it 100% bank account opening or bank guarantee.

Visa & PRO Services

Our Visa & PRO Services include processing the legal paperwork and official documents needed to form a business, such as visa applications.

VAT & Accounting

Our experts will help you obtain an individual or corporate tax residency certificate from the Federal Tax Authority as well as help you register your company for VAT.

Investors Rights

Start preparing to launch your company in one of the world’s top investment locations and leave the rest to us. We always give investors full operational ownership of the business.

Renewal & Amendments

We offer specialised and individualised assistance for the renewal and any changes to your UAE business.

We offer specialised and individualised assistance for the renewal and any changes to your UAE business.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup in Dubai

What is a business setup in Dubai?
A business setup in Dubai can be either a mainland company or a free zone company. The Dubai mainland and free zones are special business zones established by the UAE government. These areas can offer various incentives to a business setup in UAE. The benefits include almost no taxes, preferential customs duty rates, 100% business ownership, and complete repatriation capital invested and profits earned.

A mainland company is registered with the relevant Emirate's government. It is primarily distinguished by the option to trade without restrictions. So, when a foreign investor invests in a UAE business setup in the mainland, the company is permitted to conduct business both locally and internationally.

A free zone company is formed within a special jurisdiction that comes under a particular Emirate. Currently, more than 40 free zones are operating around the UAE. Each free zone has a Free Zone Authority that oversees it and has its own laws. A free zone corporation may only conduct business inside the free zone and outside the United Arab Emirates.

Both locations – the Dubai mainland and the free zones – provide distinct advantages. Some of these locations exclusively focus on a certain sector. Moreover, the rules of these areas vary based on office space obligations, visa eligibility, and additional approvals, along with the scope and ownership of a business.
How to start a business in the United Arab Emirates?
The UAE has a streamlined process for starting a business. Moreover, the government keeps making reforms and taking initiatives favorable to the entrepreneurs. So, with digitization and a supportive government, you can easily get your business setup in UAE.

The UAE allows conducting many business activities in the UAE business setup. So, start with selecting a business activity of your interest. Consider the growth potential and future scope while selecting an activity. Then, decide on a decent and easy-to-remember name for your business. Moreover, choose an appropriate company structure for your business based on its legal existence. You can choose to have a limited liability company (LLC), a branch office, or a sole proprietorship.

Once your company has defined business activities, a decent name, and a legal structure, choose a location where you can carry out your company operations. You can get your business setup in Dubai either on the mainland or in one of the free zones. Even if you want to start a remote company, you must get it registered in a business zone.

Every company must have a valid business license in the UAE. The UAE offers many types of licenses based on different businesses. Some of them are commercial, industrial, and professional licenses. So, choose a relevant license for your company. Also, your business may need extra approvals. Apply for them as well. Once you get the license, you can proceed with
Who are the best business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE?
Although having a UAE business setup is a streamlined process, the best business setup consultants can help you with the process, avoiding any mishaps and delays. The company set up procedures entail many steps. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have complete documentation.

Some of the important aspects of having a business setup in Dubai include name reservation, license application, name approval, documentation, location choice, bank assistance, etc. The setup consultants offer you dedicated business packages so that you can set up your UAE business setup in the city. Not only that, the best setup consultants can tailor packages for you based on your specific business needs.

UAE Expansion India branch consultants are well-experienced and specialized in establishing a business setup in UAE. They assure delivering an excellent service and try their best to cater to the business setup needs of their clients. They provide a plethora of business setup services under one roof, ranging from name reservation to getting licenses and approvals.

Apart from this, the knowledgeable advisors help with judicial requirements and lease/rental contracts as well. Their business packages cater to almost every type of business. Most importantly, if your business has some particular requirements, they can provide you with customized business formation solutions.
Who can help in a Business Setup in Dubai, UAE?
UAE Expansion India branch experts have a wealth of knowledge and are experts in assisting with the business setup in Dubai and other regions of the UAE. It has been catering to different businesses since 2001. They vow to provide exceptional service and make every effort to meet their clients' expectations for a business setup in UAE. They offer a wide range of services for business setup under one roof, from name reservations to obtaining licenses and permits.

Moreover, they provide translation services, rented office space assistance, and PRO services. Also, their UAE business setup packages offer the option to get on a free business consultation call with their seasoned professionals.

In addition, the expert consultants offer assistance with legal needs and lease/rental contracts. Nearly every form of business is catered to by their business packages. Most importantly, they can provide you with specialized business formation options if your company has certain needs.

Steps to start business in Dubai

  • Decide on a legal framework for your business.

  • Pick a place. A trade name is registered.

  • Request a licence.

  • Apply for initial approval certificate.

  • Draft an MOA and local service agent agreement.

  • Register a physical office in Dubai.

  • Sign in a Dubai physical office.

How to go about setting a new business in Dubai?
Establishing a new business setup in Dubai is a straightforward process. But, you need to follow a proper procedure to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Dubai allows operating many types of businesses.

First, choose one or more business activities for your business setup in UAE. Then, check the feasibility of your chosen activity in the UAE. For the business activity you have chosen, conduct market research. If there is a chance to develop your idea into a profitable firm, market research will assure you. Also, check if you have sufficient funds for your business.

Once you finalize a business activity for your UAE business setup, choose a good name for your company. Furthermore, based on your company's legal status, select a suitable corporate structure. You have the option of setting up an LLC, a branch location, or a sole proprietorship. Then, pick a location where you may run your business operations. You have the option of opening your business in one of the free zones or on the mainland.

In the UAE, every business needs a business license. Dubai authorities provide a wide variety of licenses based on various business activities. So, decide on an appropriate license, along with additional approvals, for your business. You can start launching your business after obtaining the license. Your licensed company is a legal entity.
Why is the UAE the world's business center?
The UAE has grown into a business hub especially in the last few years. Numerous reasons make the UAE the world's business center. The UAE's government is supportive of new business owners and foreign nationals. Also, with its technology expanding quickly, establishing a business setup in Dubai entails little to no paperwork and a simple business setup process. Moreover, the country offers an efficient public transportation system. It also has outstanding telecommunications and other amenities.

The workforce in the UAE is very talented, especially in fields like management, leadership, operations, etc. In addition, the nation keeps implementing reforms to draw and retain a growing pool of talent. Due to the conducive climate that serves as a template for a prosperous future, the UAE levies almost no taxes on business owners for their business setup in UAE. This is one of the biggest advantages of conducting business in the UAE. Although, only on a small number of business activities, a 5% VAT is required.

Dubai features many specialized business areas. These locations provide numerous incentives for business owners. Additionally, business owners can own 100% of their companies and also repatriate their profits completely. As a result, if you start your own company in Dubai, you can work when and how you choose. The UAE makes the most of its strategic location, a natural advantage. The city acts as a hub for producers, manufacturers, and suppliers all over the world because of its strategic location at the intersection of East, West, North, and South.