How to Start a Travel and Tourism Company in Dubai?

Start a Travel and Tourism Company in Dubai

The UAE is a premier business hub for enterprises of all sizes – be it a budding SMB or an established firm. Therefore, your decision to start a travel and tourism company in Dubai.

You can take care of events under MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) when you launch such a venture. It’s a profitable opportunity for business investors to establish their agency’s name and participate in real-time engagement with the audience.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the steps to secure tourism business in Dubai, UAE when you connect with the business consultants at the UAE Expansion. We provide end-to-end business assistance to facilitate a risk-free business setup in the United Arab Emirates.

How to open a travel agency in Dubai?

Incorporating a travel agency is a lucrative business idea as it’s among the booming industries of the region. Thus, entrepreneurs can set up a tourism firm in Dubai by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Finalise your operational Activities and corporate structure
  • Pick the desired trading name
  • Apply for a travel and tourism company licence
  • Get a permit for your travel agency
  • Obtain the required visas

Here, we discuss all these steps in detail to make it easier for you:

1. Finalise your operational activities and corporate structure

The best part about launching a travel agency business is the flexibility to choose the legal structure of your choice. You can start an LLC (limited liability company), joint venture, or representative office, among several others in the country.

Moreover, you need to list down the operational activities you’ll be conducting in Dubai once you’ve finalised your travel agency’s legal structure. This list is duly examined by the concerned governing body.

2. Pick the desired trading name

Next, you need to reserve a trading name for your tourism business in the Emirates. All legal establishments must have a unique name for their enterprises to be considered a legal functioning corporation.

Therefore, finalise a business name that’s memorable, catchy, and indicative of all the services you intend on offering. Entrepreneurs also need to ensure that they don’t infringe any naming convention laws maintained by the UAE’s government.

In addition, remember that you need to use an individual’s full name if you wish to keep it as your travel agency’s official business name.

3. Apply for a travel and tourism company licence

The next step is to procure a tourism licence to set up your travel agency business. Investors need to frequently communicate with the concerned economic department and DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) to obtain a travel agency licence in Dubai.

Additionally, don’t forget that a tourism licence isn’t a one-time government fee. You need to renew it year on year to ensure that it’s valid throughout your legal tenure. The business experts at the UAE Expansion support you to handle your business licence by overtaking all the formalities.

4. Get a permit for your travel agency

The DTCM issues numerous tourism allowances. Therefore, you need to secure the ones that meet your operational requirements. Furthermore, remember that your tourism business can be deemed non-compliant if you don’t hold the obligatory approvals.

Listed below are a few permits issued by the DTCM:

  • Inbound tour operator: a tourism licence for travel agents who handle foreign visitors who have arrived for a conference, seminar, etc. Furthermore, the permissible operational activities include visa management, hotel reservations, and more.
  • Outbound tour operator: you can get the outbound tour operator allowance if your business model is to sell tourism packages abroad.
  • Travel agent: a travel agent licence in the Emirates entitles you to carry out various operational activities. These include selling tickets, hotel bookings, car rental services, and many other permits.

5. Obtain the required visas

It’s paramount to obtain visas for yourself, and your relatives to ensure everyone’s safe stay in Dubai. You can easily apply for residence visas when you start a travel and tourism company in Dubai.

It’s a four-stage process, and you need to share the necessary documents alongside your visa application to obtain the desired visas. You can connect with the advisors at the UAE Expansion in case you face any hassles with visa management.

What are the benefits of incorporating a travel agency in the UAE?

Opening a company in the UAE is highly profitable, thanks to the business-friendly reforms maintained by the government. Listed below are some of the advantages when you set up a tourism enterprise in this region:

  • 1. Dubai’s tourism industry is observing substantial growth and continues to unfurl lucrative figures each year. Individuals from different customs, languages, and ethnicities visit the UAE and have a ball time in the country.

Therefore, incorporating a travel agency in the Emirates becomes risk-free, thanks to the lucrative tourism industry.

  • 1. You can organise several events under MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) when you obtain a tourism licence in the UAE.

This helps you raise brand awareness for your firm while also getting a priceless opportunity to communicate with your audience.

Paperwork required to start a travel and tourism agency in Dubai

You need to share all the essential documents to legitimise your venture in the UAE. Here’s a summarised list of documents that you are entitled to share with the concerned department:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport copies of the applicants
  • Copy of identification documents for the UAE nationals and a family record called the Khulasat Al Qaid
  • A notarized copy of the manager’s certificate of experience
  • Certificates of good conduct of the owner and the manager
  • NOC issued by the Civil Aviation Authority

Launch your tourism company in Dubai, UAE today!

Your decision to invest in Dubai’s tourism sector is the right one. Why? Because of the government’s supportive business reforms and the booming travel industry.

The entrepreneurs don’t need to pay corporate or professional taxes, and repatriation of 100% of their capital gains is also viable. Therefore, simply collaborate with the company incorporation experts at the UAE Expansion, and we’ll take it from there.

We rectify all your doubts on the steps to start a travel and tourism company in Dubai. In addition, we also become your silent partners and handle all the other formalities at competitive prices. Book a free consultation with us to know more!

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