How to Start an IT company in Dubai?

Start an IT company in Dubai

Technology has become a strong dependency in today’s date. From small businesses to multi-national companies, technology is working as fuel for every segment. This dependency has thus created a huge market for tech freaks in Dubai. With advanced infrastructure and a modern working ecosystem, it has now become easy and lucrative to setup an IT company in Dubai and access global tech markets for further growth and expansion.

Reasons to consider an IT business setup in Dubai

If you are planning to launch a technology start-up, then no place could be better than Dubai. Here’s why –

Business-friendly environment

Dubai offers a secure, stable, and business-friendly environment to operate an IT company. Moreover, the well-established legal framework, low corruption, and welcoming attitude toward foreign investment make it an incredible location for start-ups.

Low taxation

The United Arab Emirates boasts of significantly low tax rates. If you are setting up your IT business in Dubai mainland, then the taxes are extremely low. On the other hand, Dubai Free Zone business setup offers full freedom from taxes as well as free repatriation of profits. This simply means you get the chance to reinvest your profits into developing your IT business in Dubai.

Ease of business

IT professionals and investors can benefit from the favorable market conditions that provide an incredibly easy place to setup an IT company in Dubai. Moreover, the global reach also becomes unchallenging considering its strategic position and popularity in international markets. There are relatively few restrictions and the business owners can obtain the required approvals and permits within a matter of days.

Dedicated Free zones

Of all the Emirates in the UAE, Dubai has the highest number of free zones that are dedicated to specific industries. Thus, IT-oriented Free zones like Dubai Internet City, Techno Park, etc. promise enthralling business conditions, incredible office structures, and comfortable accommodation areas for companies as well as associated personnel.

Infrastructure and support facilities

As it is quite evident that IT companies need high-speed Internet connections, local cloud server centers, and well-equipped office spaces to operate efficiently. Dubai provides access to all such infrastructural and support facilities including partners that can help companies with legal, compliance, and public relations requirements.

Network of investors and financiers

Individuals with an exciting tech start-up idea or a potential software can find many angel investors and venture capital firms in Dubai who are willing to fund their business idea.

Pool of talents

Dubai accommodates a large population of skilled workers from all around the world with expertise in all kinds of IT-related services including programming languages, user interface design, and UX research. On the other hand, many other skills are required for the growth of an IT company such as sales, marketing, branding, etc. which can be found in Dubai.

Huge market

Dubai has one of the most diversified economies with countless companies and investors who are open to purchasing IT products and services newly launched in the market. Moreover, with the rapidly expanding economy and growing demand for software solutions across industries, this could be the perfect time to setup an IT company in Dubai.

Benefits of starting an IT service business in Dubai

While planning to setup an IT company in Dubai, it is better to be aware of the benefits that you can avail.

The upcoming tech hub

As Dubai is continuously growing in the technology domain, especially with the introduction of AI and Robotics, the tech industry can leverage this opportunity. Both newbies and experienced professionals can step foot into the tech industry by establishing their ventures the tech-dedicated platforms like Dubai Internet City, Dubai Techno Park, etc. In addition, the Etisalat Telecommunication Group has taken another noteworthy step by introducing 5G in the Dubai region which could turn out to be profitable for the business entities dealing in IT segments.

A business podium

Dubai is the ultimate business ground for global investors, experienced entrepreneurs, freelancers, and dedicated professionals as well. Hence, anyone with a business idea in a preferred domain can blindly count on Dubai to give their business a proper existence.

Grabs the right talent

Dubai is home to millions of foreign expats. This means finding the right personnel for your business won’t be a challenge. Moreover, the protocol provides companies with complete flexibility to hire employees from all over the world. Additionally, Dubai is also a favorite platform for freelancers to enrich their careers. On the whole, as an IT business owner, you have numerous options in hand to hire the best talent for your company.

International market

If you want to give international exposure to your IT business, then Dubai is the perfect option to execute your business idea. Once your venture holds a grip on the Dubai market, it becomes easier to join the global market, target a much larger audience and fetch in more revenue from the opportunities available there.

Easy expansion

Once you set your base in Dubai, you can expand it across the UAE to other Emirates as well as the neighboring countries. IT business setup in Dubai provides you with multiple scopes of expansion among a diverse count of audience.

Irrespective of the fact that you are an experienced professional or a new entrant to the market, Dubai will provide you with the perfect ground for your out-of-the-box business idea.

However, it must be noted that setting up a business in Dubai involves certain legal aspects that need to be cleared unfailingly. Hence, the best option is to seek assistance from business consultants in Dubai such as UAE Expansion, who will help you complete the incorporation process professionally.

Procedure to setup an IT company in UAE

Opening an IT company in Dubai is not rocket science, provided you have the best business setup partners by your side to lead you the way. UAE Expansion professionals will familiarize you with the regulations and make the process easier and quicker to achieve. They will walk you through all the necessary steps and help you complete them resourcefully without any hassles.

The steps to start an IT company in Dubai are as below –

  • Research the market to identify the demand for the type of IT services as well as your potential competition.
  • Decide on the type of legal corporate structure you want to establish. For example, sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or free zone company
  • Select a unique and appropriate trading name to register
  • Choose the right place that matches your business activities
  • Complete the legal obligations and document submissions, including payment of relevant fees
  • Obtain the necessary permits and approvals
  • Apply for your visa as well as the visas of other official members of the company
  • Find suitable office space and set up your business equipment, such as computers, telecommunication systems, etc.
  • Recruit the needed staff such as software developers, designers, support staff, etc.
  • Create a marketing strategy and promote your brand

Documents required to open an IT company in Dubai

  • Application form
  • NOC for any foreign partners
  • The partnership agreement, if applicable
  • Photocopies of the passports and visas of the owners and partners
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

UAE Expansion – Your best business setup buddy!

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