How to Start a Foodstuff Trading in Dubai?

Foodstuff Trading in Dubai

Foodstuff trading in Dubai is a massive industry with lucrative business opportunities on offer for Indian entrepreneurs and other expatriate investors. The best part is that the foodstuff trading business in Dubai is systematically regulated by various governing bodies.

You need approvals from the Dubai Municipality, Department of Food and Safety, transportation department, etc., before you’re granted permission to deal in foodstuff products. However, you don’t need to worry about these approvals because the business professionals at the UAE Expansion India branch will get all of it done for you.

How to Start a Foodstuff Trading in Dubai, UAE?

Indian investors and other expatriates can follow the steps discussed below to commence their foodstuff trading business in Dubai:

1. Choose a Trading Name

All legal entities in the Emirates must have an official trading name for their ventures. Therefore, the same norm also applies to foodstuff trading companies. In addition, you need to list down 3-4 names that you wish to keep as your legal name and submit this list to the concerned department.

Once submitted, the department would evaluate your request and provide approvals for all the available trading names. Therefore, you’re free to choose the one that best defines your core values and motto. However, don’t forget to follow all the naming convention protocols while shortlisting the names for your company.

2. Submit the Required Documents

It’s imperative to abide by all the paperwork laws to carry out hassle-free foodstuff trading in Dubai. Hence, gather all the documents, apply for all the necessary approvals, and secure all the external certificates that you might need.

Note that you also need to sign the Memorandum of Association (MoA). In addition, the same also needs to be notarized from the Dubai notary public. Moreover, the business consultants at the UAE Expansion India branch take care of all the legalities including documentation for your convenience.

3. Rent a Storage Space

Renting a warehouse or storage space is the next step for obtaining a foodstuff trading license in the UAE. In addition, your space must meet the infrastructural requirements set by the government. Otherwise, you won’t get the foodstuff trading license.

Some of these requirements include:

  • Contamination-free containers made up of high-quality material
  • Proper partitioning of food products
  • 24X7 monitoring of temperature, humidity, etc., to keep the food items fresh
  • Regular sanitization of the warehouse to maintain a germ-free environment

Note that renting a warehouse is a cost-effective solution as it facilitates hassle-free relocation in case you want to start your business at a new location. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about selling the purchased property when you have rented the space.

4. Apply for a Foodstuff Trading License

You can apply for a foodstuff trading license in Abu Dhabi once you have completed all the steps discussed above. Moreover, all companies must have a valid trading license in the UAE to carry out their business operations. Furthermore, Indian investors and other expatriates should also remember that this license must be renewed annually.

Therefore, it’s better to collaborate with the business advisors at the UAE Expansion India branch. We prepare the license application for you and get the required approvals in no time to ensure your food truck business in Dubai is up and running.

5. Obtain Additional Approvals

Entrepreneurs and investors need to apply for external approvals if any of the desired business activities aren’t covered under their foodstuff trading license. Remember, you cannot carry out any activity that’s not in your business license.

Furthermore, you need to obtain approval from the Dubai Municipality for securing a foodstuff trading license. The Department of Food and Safety would evaluate all your submissions (including DM’s consent) and issue your license.

Benefits Of Opening A Foodstuff Company In Dubai

Here are a few among the many benefits of launching a foodstuff trading business in Dubai

  • The UAE has a huge market with people belonging to diverse cultures. Moreover, it’s the center stage of several spectacle events and global summits. One thing that remains constant in all these events is high-quality food. Therefore, it’s a highly lucrative industry.
  • You have the freedom to trade in a wide variety of foodstuff materials. Once you acquire the foodstuff trading license in Ajman, Dubai, or any other Emirate, you can deal in:
  • Egg trading
  • Vegetable trading
  • Edible oil trading
  • Trading of grains, cereals, and legumes
  • Mineral water trading
  • Trading of authentic spices
  • Fresh fruits trading
  • Trading of soft drinks
  • Flour trading

Moreover, this list doesn’t end here as you can obtain external approvals to open the doors for even more varieties of food products.

There’s no shortage of skilled staff in the UAE. Foodstuff trading is a labor-intensive industry, and the contribution of the UAE’s skilled labor for seamless trading operations is immense.

Foodstuff trading license cost in Dubai

Where do you wish to open your foodstuff trading company in the UAE? Do you want hassle-free trading access within Dubai and across the UAE? If yes, you should obtain a foodstuff trading license for the mainland region.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to open your foodstuff venture in any of the free zones. These are administered by independent governing bodies. Therefore, the business laws are more lenient in free zones.

You can expect an investment of around AED 15,000 to AED 50,000 for starting a new foodstuff trading company in the Emirates. The cost varies based on your location, the size of the warehouse, the number of visa applications, and more.

Documents required to start a foodstuff trading in Dubai

You must submit the documents mentioned below to commence risk-free foodstuff trading in Dubai:

  • List of trade names (3 to 4)
  • List of business activities
  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • Entry stamp or visa page
  • Passport-size photograph as per the protocols (size, background color, etc.)

Launch Your Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai!

Foodstuff trading is a booming industry in Dubai, thanks to favorable market conditions and supportive government reforms. Therefore, all you need to do now is get in touch with the legal advisors at the UAE Expansion.

We provide end-to-end business assistance at highly competitive prices. In addition, we offer company formation packages tailored to your needs and always go the extra mile to make your corporate journey in the UAE a memorable one for you.

Book a free consultation with our experts at the UAE Expansion and know more about the foodstuff trading companies in Dubai.

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