Can I start a company in Dubai from India?

start a company in Dubai from India

Dubai is a top-trading hub for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global corporations. Therefore, a lot of Indian investors and entrepreneurs are switching their base to Dubai considering its tax-free environment and the rewarding market that provides the ease of doing business. In addition, the government also continues to introduce numerous business-friendly reforms and incentives for those planning to start a company in Dubai from India. 

Benefits of Starting a Company in Dubai 

Listed below are some of the major benefits of starting a company in Dubai – 

Low taxation rules 

Business owners in Dubai are not concerned about personal or corporate taxes on profits earned by their respective businesses. This is because of the low taxation policies that ensure investors reap the most out of their venture without having to spend their hard-earned money on taxes. Furthermore, Dubai offers the lowest VAT rate in the whole world. 

Investment security 

Dubai does not charge any hidden costs from new-age investors who want to set up their company in the Emirate. Its laws are so fair, indiscriminate, and supportive that drive investors to confidently operate their business in the Emirates. Apart from capital security, investors can also enjoy peace and tranquility in this crime-free country. 

Access to a broad population 

New businesses are emerging in Dubai due to the growing population and a rapidly evolving economy. This growth is thus luring Indian investors to find a home for their business in Dubai, UAE. And the best part of choosing Dubai as your company base is that it will never run out of business.  

Hassle-free visa administration 

Apart from licensing and registration, Dubai also offers hassle-free visa processing. Indian investors can now easily obtain visas for themselves, their business partners, family members, employees, etc. All they need to do is follow the legal process unfailingly. 

Additional benefits:- 

  • Global expansion of business 
  • Connectivity on a global scale 
  • Easy processing of visas, licenses, and company registration 
  • Easy to purchase property in UAE 
  • Safe and crime-free 
  • Advanced business infrastructure 
  • Enhanced social life 
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits 
  • Lenient labor laws 
  • Exclusion from customs duties 

For more information, get in touch with the business formation experts of UAE Expansion. 

Steps to start a company in Dubai from India 

To start a company in Dubai from India, you need to follow the below steps – 

Finalize the business activities 

Choosing the business activities is the primary yet crucial stage as the company’s business model is determined by the day-to-day activities of the organization. Besides, the activities you choose for your enterprise would require approvals and certificates. Therefore, you must always make sure to list them clearly while submitting your application to the authorities. 

Moreover, your chosen activities will determine the type of license you can apply for. UAE Expansion consultants will help you determine suitable activities and correct licenses for your business. 

Choose a legal structure 

Dubai offers several legal forms of company that Indian investors can choose to establish in the region. For example, if they choose a Sole Establishment, they can be the sole proprietor of their business and hire a local agent for their company formation. On the other hand, if they want to set up a Civil Company, they have the option to add more partners to the company, out of which one would be a UAE resident or a regional partner. 

Similarly, there are various other options for legal structures that you can learn from the professional agents of UAE Expansion. 

Register a trading name 

Registering a trade name for the company is yet another important step in the company setup process. Hence, the investors must make sure to find a name that indicates the company’s nature and increase its significance in the market. Most importantly, strictly follow the trade name reservation regulations established by the UAE. any negligence or error may lead to application rejection or even hefty punishments. 

Choose a location 

Your company’s location plays a pivotal role in its growth and success. Hence, you must find a location based on its exposure to diverse economies, infrastructure, resource availability, and taxes regulations. All these factors vary from location to location.

UAE Expansion advisors will provide end-to-end assistance in suggesting you the apt location for your company. they will also help you obtain the Ejari or tenancy contract once you have selected your desired location. 

Apply for initial approval 

Initial approval is a primary approval granted by the government indicating that it has no objection to the establishment of the company in UAE. Nonetheless, it does not allow the investors to practice their business activity. thus, to get this approval, the applicant will have to submit a few credentials as requested by the authorities. 

Draft the company documents 

The Memorandum of Association is a mandatory company document that contains the details of the shareholders, board of members, regulations regarding company operations, policies, security aspects, and so on. Hence, the applicant must carefully draft an MOA and submit it along with other documents to the concerned authorities. 

Additionally, if you planning for a Mainland company formation, then you need to appoint a Local Service Agent (LSA) who will perform all the administrative activities such as applying for licenses, securing mandatory approvals, etc. However, the agent will hold no legal authority over the business operations or decisions. 

Apply for the desired license 

The next major step is to submit your license application to the relevant department. If you are starting your business in Dubai Mainland, then the DED (Department of Economic Development) will process your application. However, if you are planning for a free zone company setup, then you will have to apply to their separate authorities. 

Get additional approval if required 

Apart from gaining approval from the primary authorities like DED, you might have to obtain a few additional approvals from external authorities or governing bodies depending on the activities you choose for your business. These authorities may include the government and specific Ministries. 

UAE Expansion will help you obtain all the external approvals required for your business formation. 

Open a bank account 

Once you have completed all the necessary paperwork and documents, you will need a business account to manage your company finances. Since it is a critical step, make sure to choose a bank that satisfies all your business demands and offers significant benefits and cost-efficient quality services. 

Reach out to the business professionals at UAE Expansion and learn how to open a business bank account in Dubai or anywhere across UAE. 

Required documents to start a company in Dubai from India 

  • Application for registration 
  • Passport copies and Passport-sized photos of each lawful participant 
  • Emirates ID 
  • Notarized and authenticated LSA and MOA 
  • Tourist visa of the applicant 
  • Ejari registration/tenancy contract for commercial space 
  • External approvals, if any 

Cost of business setup in Dubai 

There is no precise figure to show the exact cost of starting a company in Dubai from India. However, the major factors that may influence this decision are the company location, the type of license, visa requirements, the size of the office, and more.  

Nevertheless, Indian entrepreneurs can register their businesses in Dubai in the most affordable way when they work with UAE Expansion. They can offer customized company formation packages at nominal rates. Besides, if you need post-incorporation legal assistance, UAE Expansion is there at your service! 

Contact UAE Expansion to start a company in Dubai from India 

Work with UAE Expansion to start your dream venture in Dubai. Their professional team of experts has been helping clients worldwide in finding the perfect location and model for their business idea, assisting in the associated paperwork, and administering all facets of business setup in Dubai. 

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