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Situated in the Emirate of Sharjah, Sharjah Media City Free Zone, or SHAMS, is one of the newest free zones in the UAE. It was launched in 2017 to create a world-class media hub with innovative facilities and services in order to inspire entrepreneurship and business growth.

That is why Sharjah authorities have come up with several cost-effective business setup packages including, SHAMS freelance visa and permit, SHAMS trade license, etc. to attract more investors to invest in the economy of the Emirate.

Ever since its launch, SHAMS has registered thousands of companies and is currently growing popular among the business community in the UAE. So, if you are planning a business setup SHAMS, then this article will guide you with the required details, including SHAMS freelance visa, business license, SHAMS free zone license cost, and many others.

Benefits of SHAMS business setup

  • Highly reasonable and cost-effective
  • Allows remote registration
  • Several visa options (investor visa, partner visa, SHAMS freelance visa)
  • No paid-up share capital and annual audit required
  • No requirement for a No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Full business ownership and repatriation of capital and profits
  • Easy to add additional visas
  • Quick incorporation
  • One license for multiple business activities
  • A hub for media and creative talents
  • The simple business registration process
  • No limitations on foreign recruitment
  • Free transfer of funds
  • Easy and cost-effective formalities

Additional services like online payment for visas and companies, Installments plans for investors, etc.

Different types of SHAMS free zone license

SHAMS Sharjah Media City provides shareholders the flexibility to choose from over 120 business activities and combine multiple activities under one license. Additionally,

there are different types of licenses available for SHAMS companies based on their nature –

  1. Service licenses – The service license, also known as a professional license, allows companies to produce, reproduce, transform, and distribute services in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone. Hence, firms can render services and utilize goods to provide them. This license is generally issued to media-based firms.
  2. Industrial license – SHAMS Industrial license enables companies to carry out production, re-production, transformation, and manufacturing of goods.
  3. Trading license – The trading license allows entities to import and export commodities, and sell goods within the free zone. This also includes services related to the sale and distribution of goods.
  4. Holding license – Entities with a holding license can hold shares of any other companies, except performing any other business activity in the free zone.

Facilities available for business formation SHAMS

Sharjah SHAMS Free Zone offers the following corporate facilities to companies –

  1. Flexi desks/Shared desks – These are affordable common spaces shared by individuals of one mind. This facility enables flexibility of mobility since there is no specific desk allotted for a person. Hence, people can pick any spot based on availability. Moreover, these desks are an ideal choice for conducting on-site meetings and the business owners can choose them for daily/monthly/yearly rentals.
  2. Dedicated desks – Dedicated desks provide space to work consciously and focus on the core business. Additionally, it also enhances the scope of networking and collaboration with other entities. This modern, aesthetic, and practical setup creates a pleasant atmosphere for the business officials to work, conduct meetings and expand the business conveniently.
  3. Shared offices – SHAMS shared offices are indeed a cost-effective option as it keeps the company setup and yearly rent cost low for business owners. Unlike shared desks, it offers more private space and networking opportunities as well.
  4. Dedicated offices – These individually-assigned lockable office space range from a single desk space to a group of desks. Though a private workplace, it empowers coordinated effort among people. Thus, business owners can operate in privacy while focusing on the core business strategies. These kind of offices are ideal for those businesses which have a small team of employees and aims to focus on business growth.

Connect with UAE Expansion Business setup and find a creative workspace in Sharjah Media City that fosters your business requirements.

Business Structure in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Limited Liability Company

SHAMS LLC is an independent entity that separates its shareholders from the company. This simply means that the liabilities and assets of the company remain as its and not of the shareholders.


SHAMS Branch belongs to an existing well-established company in the UAE. Hence, all the liabilities, assets, power, and control of the branch rests with its parent company.

Steps to obtain Sharjah Media City Free Zone license

With the assistance of UAE Expansion specialists, you can set up your SHAMS Free Zone business quickly and straightforwardly. Just share your business details, and let us guide you through the procedure step by step –

1. Choosing a company name

Be mindful of the naming conventions while choosing a name for your SHAMS company. For instance, avoid the use of offensive terms or blasphemous language. Make sure your company name does not resemble the names of well-known organizations. Also, avoid abbreviations and initials in case you are naming it after an individual.

UAE Expansion experts will check all these things and ensure your business name adheres to the rules of the UAE government.

2. Choosing the business structure and activities

UAE Expansion advisors will recommend you the type of company structure and business activities that are most suited to your needs.

Submitting the license application and documents

The expert will help you gather all the required documents, complete the application and ensure everything is in order.

Documents for SHAMS company registration:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Trade license (for corporate shareholders)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Passport copy of the Shareholder, Director, Company Secretary, and General Manager
  • Paying the registration and license fee

You will need to pay a fee amount as requested by the authorities, after which you will receive a voucher as proof of payment.

Sharjah Media City License Cost

SHAMS company setup costs are relatively low compared to most other free zones across the UAE. The following factors add up to the overall SHAMS license cost –

  • License fee
  • Immigration card
  • Facility rent
  • Visa charges
  • Other miscellaneous expenses

In addition, the foreign investor would also require a visa after the SHAMS company setup process. And the cost involved for the same would include –

UAE Expansion business experts will help you choose the right type of license for your business and help you acquire them in the most affordable way possible. They will even assist you in the visa application process and ensure that you are saved from any additional hustle and hidden charges.

SHAMS free zone license renewal

To continue doing your business in Sharjah Media City, it’s necessary to timely renew your company license to avoid any fines and penalties. For renewing your SHAMS Free Zone license, you do not need to submit the company audit reports or be physically present in the UAE.

The process is very easy, however, hiring an authorized business consultant will only lessen the burden. Again, UAE Expansion experts will take care of your license renewal formalities and make sure they are completed timely and methodically.

Choose UAE Expansion Business Setup for your SHAMS Business Setup

If you are a budding investor, you will certainly be able to find a business activity in SHAMS Free Zone that suits your needs. Apart from the free zone license packages, the SHAMS Freelance visa, investor visa, and other visa slots are a good bargain as well. So, it’s better to seek expert opinion before stepping into your entrepreneurial journey to Sharjah Media city

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