How to Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai

The healthcare sector in Dubai is growing to a new level of success. In the last two decades, the city has witnessed a drastic increase in private clinics and medical centers. Even the government is wholeheartedly endorsing and supporting the health industry by implementing new strategies and developing world-class healthcare facilities. So, if you have a plan to setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai, then this blog is the perfect guide for you.

Advantages and Scope of Opening a Private Clinic in Dubai

The UAE government has always focused on providing excellent healthcare facilities to people residing in the country. In fact, the Dubai government has played a pivotal role in bringing in foreign investments and encouraging investors and healthcare professionals to set up healthcare facilities and research centers in the Emirate.

The government facilitates these services by offering allowances and monetary benefits to healthcare ventures. So, let’s have a look at some of the major benefits and scope of starting a medical clinic in Dubai –

Medical tourism – Most clinics that provide world-class treatments tend to benefit more from foreign clients. As the Emirate already stands among the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, it is also gradually evolving into a medical tourism hub. This influx of expats has driven opportunities for private clinics to offer specialized and effective treatments to foreigners.

Growth of healthcare – The initiation of compulsory health insurance has brought positive implications for the growth of the healthcare sector in Dubai. Apart from that, the world-class infrastructure and modern technology available in the country also contribute to the development of healthcare in Dubai.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model – After gaining success in many countries, the PPP model is all set to be introduced in Dubai by the government to satiate increasing medical requirements.

Assured income – Due to the high demand for optimized services and quality healthcare, private clinics in Dubai have the potential to generate high revenue. It serves as an advantage for learned professionals as it offers them a guaranteed and steady income.

Government support – The Dubai government has always been supportive toward the healthcare sector by offering incentives and implementing strategies for growth and expansion. In fact, the low tax policy by the government is also a major advantage for private clinics.

Private Clinic License in Dubai

To open a clinic and obtain a private clinic license in Dubai, the owner has to get a professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and later get it approved by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Authorities involved in this process are:-

  • DED – Dubai Economic Department
  • DHA – Dubai Health Authority
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Civil Defense

Requirements to Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai

As the healthcare sector is extremely regulated in Dubai, there are certain necessary conditions one needs to follow before moving on with the medical clinic setup process.

Individual requirements

The potential investor who wants to set up a medical clinic or center in Dubai must be a healthcare professional with a legitimate medical degree, accredited by international medical organizations or the UAE Healthcare Authority. This authority conducts tests and assessments for medical practitioners in order to determine their skills and assess their qualifications.

Alternatively, they can appoint a Director for their clinic who fulfills this criterion. Besides, the requirements for operating any kind of medical institution in Dubai vary depending on the activity you choose to perform.

Space requirements

As far as spaces are concerned, the authorities have asserted specific requirements for creating clinics, medical offices, centers, and hospitals. They have strict restrictions regarding the size of patient rooms, waiting rooms, service areas, equipment, and specific guidelines for protection, lighting, and electrification regulations.

Types of Clinics to set up in Dubai

People who are willing to set up a Medical Clinic in Dubai can invest in several types of healthcare and medical areas. These are –

Ambulatory Centres

These are also known as outpatient clinics providing services related to wound care, physical therapy, minor surgery, etc. where patients do not have to stay overnight at the clinic or hospital.

Healthcare Investment Management Firms

These firms provide financial advisory services to healthcare professionals, hospitals, and clinics, along with managing their financial assets and investments.

Medical Professional Development Training Institution

This medical institution is established for the healthcare community to provide them with coaching and training regarding short-term courses related to human resource training, social and behavioral training, professional development training, clinical skill development, etc.

Higher Education Providers

As the education sector is thriving across the globe, the healthcare sector in Dubai is looking into possibilities to set up more medical colleges, healthcare education firms, and universities to educate and expand the number of medical aspirants.

Medical Publishing House

It carries out publishing activity of healthcare materials including medical journals, clinical research papers, databases, online content, and medical books for healthcare students and professionals.

Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

Investors who want to set up a medical institution in Dubai can also consider opening a non-profit organization providing medical services to disadvantaged and needy medical journals, clinical research papers, databases, online content, and medical books.

Healthcare Consulting Firms

Due to the rapid evolution and advancement of the medical and healthcare industry, the competition in the market is soaring high. Hence, it has become important to stay ahead and accomplish all the goals efficiently and effectively. And that is where the need for healthcare consulting firms arises where specialists and professionals can share expertise, give advice and guide healthcare organizations in making business decisions.

Private Clinics and Hospitals

These are indeed the most preferred choice among people as they provide high-quality healthcare services and individual care to patients. And in a city like Dubai, which prefers quality in everything, a healthcare business like private clinics and hospitals are assured to be very profitable.

No matter what medical activity or institution you choose to incorporate, we are here to assist you in your business setup in Dubai.

Step-by-step instructions to set up a Medical Clinic in Dubai

You need to conduct market studies and consult with medical professionals beforehand to set up a Medical Clinic in Dubai.

Below given are the major steps involved in opening a medical clinic in Dubai –

  • Trade name registration with the DED
  • Initial approval from the concerned departments for initiating the setup process
  • Mandatory approval and letter of consent from DHA
  • Document submission
  • Final approval from the DED for the professional license
  • Application for DHA approval license
  • DHA license issuance

Documents required:-

  •  The medical degree of the owner or appointment letter of a Medical Director (MD) to oversee the clinic’s operations
  • Details of the MD and healthcare professionals employed in the clinic
  • DHA license approval
  • A legal medical certificate from an international organization or the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • Passport copy, tourist visa/entry permit, and Emirates ID of the owner, business partners, medical director, and the local agent (if hired)
  • Memorandum of Agreement signed by all of the foreign partners
  • Details of the hired local agent
  • Description of the chosen medical activity (For example, urology, cosmology, obstetrics, or any other)
  • Trade Name Reservation certificate from DED
  • DHA agreement signed by the clinic owner
  • Affection plan published by Dubai Municipality
  • A professional license issued by DED
  • The lease agreement of the clinic’s premise

The above list might seem exhaustive, but these are just some of the basic requirements for opening a medical clinic in Dubai. There might be some more additions depending on the legal protocols of the registration authority. You can connect with the UAE Expansion business setup experts who can help you with the overall process and assure you of an untroubled license issuance from the concerned department.

Business Setup in Dubai with UAE Expansion

The process of establishing a medical clinic in Dubai can be a bit confusing, especially for new investors, as it involves coordinating with multiple government agencies and submitting important documents. Any discrepancy or violation may affect the entire business incorporation process.

Hence, it is recommended to seek assistance from an experienced business setup professional in Dubai who can guide you through the procedure and also complete all the legal formalities at their end.

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