How to Start a Project Management Consultants in Dubai?

Start a Project Management Consultants in Dubai

We must first comprehend what managing projects entail before delving into the reasons for having a project management office in Dubai.

Project management is the process of organizing a company’s resources to aid the development of a specific job or event, beginning with planning. A one-time or continuing undertaking may be involved. The project manager would be in charge of managing the resources, which would include manpower, financial resources, technology, and equipment.

What are Management Consultancy Services?

The purpose of management consulting services is to aid companies in enhancing performance, streamlining procedures, and achieving objectives. Following are some services provided by project management consultants in Dubai

Strategy development:

Consultants assist companies in determining their assets and flaws and developing a strategy to reach their objectives.

Organizational design:

Businesses can improve their organization, procedures, and systems with the help of consultants to operate more productively and efficiently.

Change management:

Consultants assist companies in managing and implementing changes to their organization, technology, and processes.

Financial management:

Financial planning, management, and research services are provided by Project Management Consultants in Dubai to assist companies in cost- and resource-saving measures.

Marketing and sales:

Business consultants offer guidance and assistance in areas like market analysis, branding, promotion, and sales strategy.

Human resources:

Project Management Consultants in Dubai help companies with personnel management, hiring, staff growth, and training.

Benefits of starting a project management consultancy business in Dubai

The following are some advantages of opening a project management agency in Dubai:

With a Project Management Office, the Business Scope is Expanded

You can run tasks in any industry if you have a project management business license in Dubai. You could take on duties as small as running a website or as large as running a skyscraper’s construction. Additionally, you are able to engage in several activities with your trade license, including marketing and providing IT solutions.

Securing a UAE Visa

Entrepreneurs who establish a PMO in Dubai will be able to nominate their family members in addition to obtaining a residency permit for the United Arab Emirates. Only those with citizenship visas are permitted to stay in the Emirates for an extended period. Residents of the UAE can benefit from a variety of advantages because of the government’s advanced policies.

Maintaining a Bank Account

A residency visa is one of the necessary criteria for establishing a bank account in Dubai. And getting nominated by a close relative or a company is one of the three main methods to get a visa. However, if you have a project management office in Dubai, you have the freedom to handle your funds, obtain a residency permit, and support your family members.

100% business ownership

You must acquire a professional or service license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to open a project management agency in Dubai. As a result, you will have total control over your business operations and funds and won’t need to give a local associate 51% of your company’s shares.

No address is required for the project management office

For the first year, it is not necessary for project management agencies to have an office location to conduct business. This group enables you to function without a real office space, whereas applications for some licenses demand that you have an office space and an ejari (property lease agreement).

Work with the UAE government

Government tasks can also be helped with by your project management agency. A project management business license in Dubai enables you to fully experience diversifying your investments. You can also engage in civic initiatives if you have access to the proper resources.

Setting up a Project Management Consultancy Business in Dubai

There are a few things that a prospective business owner should be conscious of before starting a project management consultancy in Dubai. These consist of:

Market Research:

Conduct in-depth research to establish the market’s prospective rivals and the demand for project management consulting services in Dubai. This will assist you in identifying your goal clientele and the kinds of services you ought to provide.

Legal Requirements:

Learn about the legal prerequisites for opening a company in Dubai, such as getting the required project management business licenses in Dubai and other necessary permits. Make sure you abide by all the rules and legislation in Dubai.

Business Plan:

Create a thorough business plan that details your objectives, target market, offerings, marketing plans, financial forecasts, and backup strategies. This will assist you in maintaining organization and concentration as you start and expand your company.


Think about your financial choices, such as taking a loan or looking for venture capitalists or angel investors to participate in your business. Make sure you have enough money to finance your starting expenses and keep your company operating until it starts to turn a profit.

Cultural Sensitivity:

Dubai has a distinctive cultural landscape, so it’s important to comprehend and honor the regional practices and conventions. Learn about the local way of life to prevent any societal mistakes that might hurt your company.


Building connections is essential to any company’s growth, but it’s especially important in Dubai. To expand your network and meet other experts in your field, go to networking gatherings and join associations.

How to obtain a consultancy license in Dubai, UAE?

Other than obtaining a project management business license in Dubai, the following licenses and permissions are usually necessary to establish a Project Management Consultancy Business:

Commercial License:

To lawfully run a company in Dubai, one needs a commercial license. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues it, and it entitles you to carry out business operations inside the state.

Professional License:

Businesses that offer professional services, like project management advisory services, must have a professional license. The DED also grants this license.

Trade License:

Businesses that conduct trading operations, such as purchasing and selling goods, must have a trade license. The DED or the Dubai Municipality is responsible for issuing this license.

Chamber of Commerce Registration:

To get a certificate of membership, you must establish your company with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. To do business in Dubai, you need this license.

Immigration and Labor Cards:

All workers for your company must possess legitimate visas and labor certificates. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), respectively, oversee issuing these IDs.

Tax Registration:

Your company must apply for value-added tax (VAT) with the Federal Tax Authority if its yearly revenue exceeds AED 375,000. (FTA).

Depending on the nature of your company and the area of Dubai where you intend to work, different licenses and permits may be needed.

Steps to Start Project Management Consultancy Business in Dubai

Following are the steps that one must follow to start a project management consultancy in Dubai:

Select the Right Business Structure

When establishing a project management firm in Dubai, choosing the appropriate business framework is essential. You can register for a business license in a free zone, which offers many advantages like SME incubators, accelerators, and support centers, by selecting the appropriate framework.

Register Your Business Name

When opening a business in Dubai, selecting and establishing a company name is crucial. The name must conform to the stringent naming guidelines established by the UAE and cannot contain any incendiary, profane, or religious allusions. You must use your name in its entirety rather than just your nickname or initials if you want it to appear in the business name.

Apply for Your Business License

Once your company name has been authorized by the Registry Office, you must submit it to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai for notarization of the company’s Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA). It entails preparing and submitting your application, as well as ensuring that all required papers are in order and that your business license application is handled easily and effectively.

How UAE Expansion Helps You Open a Project Management Business in Dubai?

It can be difficult but lucrative to launch a project management consulting company in Dubai. Aspiring company owners can position themselves for success in this cutthroat industry by following the instructions provided in this blog, which include doing market research, developing a business plan, and acquiring the required licenses and permits.

So, if you’re thinking about launching a project management consultancy company in Dubai, plan it out thoroughly, remain committed to your objectives, and never cease learning and developing. You can create a thriving consultancy that positively impacts the lives of your customers and the larger community if you persevere and are dedicated to excellence.

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