Moving to Dubai from the UK: All you Need to Know

moving to Dubai from the UK

British people account for a big majority of expatriates living in the UAE. As per the stats, around 2,40,000 Brits are already settled in Dubai. The reasons for making this move are quite obvious – excellent career prospects, cutting-edge infrastructure, fantastic lifestyle, attractive climate, impressive services, and many more.

This goes to prove that Dubai is one of the best and nicest places to live. However, the biggest concern is to make moving to Dubai from the UK especially when you are accustomed to living in your home country, and have to make a drastic shift to a completely different area. Hence, this guide here will walk you through all the necessary things you need to know about Dubai before making a transfer. 

Alternatively, the professionals at UAE Expansion Business Setup can help you prepare for your upcoming travel and transition as smoothly as possible into your new life in Dubai, UAE.   

7 Reasons to Move to Dubai From UK

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world. It provides world-class facilities, high-paying job opportunities, and a good standard of living, thereby making it an excellent place to work, study, and live. Hence, it is always a thoughtful choice to move to Dubai 

So, here are a few compelling reasons for UK citizens to relocate to Dubai. 

1. International business hub 

The fast-paced business environment of Dubai makes it an ideal place to start as well as expand a business. The city is an international business hub that accommodates branches of many global companies from the field of banking, finance, media, technology, and more.

Even if you are an independent professional or a freelancer willing to move to Dubai from the UK, you can still leverage the perks and facilities available in the Emirate to expand your client base and get your project up and running. 

2. Business ownership and profit repatriation 

As an entrepreneur from the UK, you can set up your business in Dubai free zone and get full ownership. Moreover, the Dubai Free Zone also allows you to repatriate all your profits back to your home country without any taxes or restrictions. 

3. Excellent corporate infrastructure and facilities 

Dubai offers an extensive range of modern infrastructure for businesses. For example, high-speed internet networks, international airports, advanced digital services, etc. Besides, professionals and companies can have access to a global market that provides favorable trading opportunities from countries worldwide. Thus, any individual looking for new challenges abroad can unhesitantly shift to Dubai and exploit the market opportunities. 

Additionally, UAE Expansion consultants can provide you with all the necessary support and amenities required to relocate to Dubai and start a new life. 

4. Vibrant lifestyle and culture 

Dubai has a vibrant culture with plenty of entertainment options, such as concerts, adventure sports, desert safaris, shopping malls, restaurants, art galleries, and more. It only gets more exciting once start living there! 

5. Safety 

Dubai is indeed one of the safest cities in the world with a low crime rate. The government takes stringent measures against any kind of law-breaking activities to ensure expatriates have a safe stay in the country.   

6. An attractive destination for tourism 

Apart from its dynamic business environment, Dubai is also a bustling tourist destination with stunning beaches, modern architecture, and vibrant nightlife. The tourists enjoy unique experiences as they have so much to explore in the city such as Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building, the picturesque Palm Jumeirah island, and the famous Dubai Mall. Thus, as an expatriate, you can also enjoy all these amazements and live a quality lifestyle among them. 

7. Easy business setup 

As it is widely known that UAE offers a relatively straightforward and hassle-free business setup. Individuals or firms who want to establish a venture in Dubai have to go through minimal paperwork and get started with their operations within a few days. This facility helps entrepreneurs to enter the UAE market and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities available to them. 

If you too want to set up your business in Dubai easily and effortlessly, then connect with UAE Expansion consultancy which can provide exclusive services for hassle-free business formation. 

Move to Dubai from the UK: Advantages  

The major advantages of moving to Dubai include the following: 

1. Pleasant climate 

The climate of Dubai is pleasant for most of the year. The days are dominated by cloudless blue skies and the beautiful warm sea waters bring in perfect views and breeze for enjoyment.  Thus, you get to spend most of your time outdoors in the great weather and amenities by living in Dubai. 

2. Job prospects 

Many international business giants are operating in Dubai providing job opportunities for locals as well as expats. Thus, people can avail a wide variety of employment prospects in the field of real estate, banking, hospitality, retail, and more. 

3. Excellent education system 

The education standards in Dubai are quite high. The city houses many international schools, universities, research centers, and institutions. Most of them adhere to the British education system, with the National Curriculum of England, offering A-Level qualifications from the primary to the senior level. 

4. Lively social life 

If you want to take a break from your mundane working life and do something energetic, then Dubai has options for that too. There are a variety of bars, restaurants, private beach clubs, and sports clubs where you can spend your non-working hours enjoying all the amenities. 

5. High-quality lifestyle 

The standard of living in Dubai is outstanding. The Emirate is home to thousands of rich and affluent people who live and work there. Besides, it holds a high concentration of wealth, high-quality stores and establishments, and most importantly low crime rates. 

6. Low transportation cost 

Did you know that the price of petrol in Dubai is incredibly cheap? That means you can easily operate a car without having to worry about the fuel price. Moreover, the government is also making major investments in the transportation sector to bring positive changes and make it affordable for each and everyone residing in Dubai. 

7. English widely spoken 

English is widely used in Dubai, although Arabic is its official language. Therefore, foreigners find it easy to live and sustain in Dubai. 

 8. Availability of different types of visas 

Dubai authorities have implemented various types of visas for expatriates willing to move to Dubai from UK. These visas include Employment visas, Remote work visas, Student visas, Dependent visas, Investor visas, and Retirement visas.

The Employment visa is the most common among all and is arranged by the employer of the applicant. The employer is a registered entity in Dubai that usually takes care of the visa processing of the employees and associated costs as well. 


It might be quite tough to leave an accustomed life in England and move to a completely different area. The whole process requires careful planning, the right resources, and strong determination. It seems like trouble unless you team up with a professional consultant in UAE who can guide you with the do’s and don’t of the whole relocating process, and make the journey easier for you.  

Nevertheless, there might be certain additional things you need to know about Dubai before relocating. UAE Expansion can provide you with all those information.  Get in touch with the team and start planning you’re moving to Dubai from the UK. 

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