Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a place in Dubai where you may launch your business at a reasonable price? Look no further than the Meydan Free Zone (MFZ), which is centered around Dubai’s renowned racetrack and is located there.

The MFZ has a sizable commercial area that is made up of residential neighborhoods, lodging facilities, entertainment venues, and business structures. The main goal of MFZ, one of the most cost-effective sites for business creation and launch, is to assist entrepreneur growth with low-cost businesses.

Foreign investment is also a possibility in the Middle East’s equestrian and international horse racing industries through MFZ. The Free Zone Authority offers the perfect environment to help you realize your company goals and put yourself up for success. The MFZ is the ideal place for entrepreneurs wishing to start and expand their firms in Dubai since it offers adjustable office spaces in a setting that promotes performance and productivity.

Contact us right away to know the Meydan free zone license cost and for Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai and begin your path to entrepreneurship success.

The benefits of starting a company in Meydan Free Zone

Let us begin with the various benefits of doing business in Dubai. Nevertheless, one benefit of the Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai is that you’ll be in the middle of the Middle East, making it easy for you to conduct business with Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Furthermore, the UAE has no personal income tax.

The Meydan Free Zone company setting has the extra benefits listed below:

1. Premier Place

When staying at one of Dubai’s most sought-after centrally located business buildings, you are only a few minutes away from the city’s significant financial and commercial areas. Meydan Free Zone is 8 minutes from Downtown Dubai.

2. Simple Startup

Benefit from a quick registration procedure, priority government relations assistance, and a comprehensive range of support services tailored to your company’s needs at the click of a mouse on an award-winning digital platform.

3. A Fantastic Place to Work and Live.

The rare opportunity to live, work and play in one of Meydan’s upscale mixed-use developments provides state-of-the-art office spaces that foster business growth, promote family life and showcase a bustling neighborhood with the newest malls and attractions.

Meydan Free Zone’s Features

  • 100% ownership by foreigners.
  • Shares with no paid-up capital.
  • Unrestricted capital repatriation.
  • No taxes on exports or imports.
  • No taxes on individuals or businesses.
  • More than 1500 license activities
  • Easy to open a bank account.
  • 24/7 access to the office.
  • Fast firm setup and residence visa processing.

Types of license in Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone provides company owners with three main categories of business licenses. Depending on the nature of their firm, investors can select from a wide range of business activities under each form of business license.

The major types of business licenses offered by Meydan Free Zone to investors are given below.

  • Consulting License: For businesses that provide services, such as HR consultancies and financial consultancies.
  • Commercial License: For businesses engaged in commerce, light manufacturing, and packaging
  • Media License: For use in digital, website, software development, creative & artistic works, and more

Meydan Free Zone is the best choice for startups and business owners looking to launch a firm at a lower cost. It is the ideal option for investors who wish to launch a business in the Dubai Emirate at a reasonable price.

This free zone makes it straightforward for company owners to establish their companies by promising to issue business licenses in three to five working days.

In the free zone, business owners can establish a single shareholder company, a free zone limited liability company, or a branch or subsidiary of a foreign corporation. The nomination of a manager/director and the addition of up to 7 shareholders is required by the Free Zone administration for an FZ-LLC company.

License and Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

The Meydan Free Zone accommodates a wide range of enterprises, including specialized and general commerce, consulting, investment, professional activities and service-related activities. The phrase “Business License” is used to refer to all of these activities under one general heading. Additionally, Meydan FZ doesn’t impose an additional fee when up to three (3) activity groups are combined under a single license.

Meydan FZ offers reasonable and economical choices for company setup. They strive to promote a friendly atmosphere for enterprises. Meydan FZ offers access to a distinctive and flourishing business community that promotes growth via innovation and collaboration through regular networking events. However, company owners from all over the world are able to register their companies and get a business license.

The following types of companies may be incorporated at Meydan FZ:

  • Limited Liability Company in Freezone (FZ LLC).
  • Either one or more shareholders.
  • Both natural people (individuals) and legal persons (entities) (companies) may be shareholders.
  • Possibly a service- or trade-related activity.
  • Last but not least, liability is limited to the amount invested in the firm.

Representative/Branch Office

Any company founded outside of Meydan FZ may create a “Branch/Representative Office” if it is a legal entity of its parent company.

Any commercial activity (such as marketing or consulting) must be connected to the provision of services.

To conduct business, international branches must be set up as limited liability companies.

Process for Establishing a Meydan FZ Company

The processes for creating a Meydan FZ corporation are as follows:

  • Contact our Business setup Advisors first, and let them know what you need.
  • Next, send in the necessary paperwork for the application.
  • Finally, we finalize the application and deliver it to Meydan FZ. Meydan Free Zone will grant the license in three to five (3-5) business days.

Meydan Free Zone business activities

The several activity groups at Meydan FZ particularly provide more than 1500 activities. Please note that the following list is not all-inclusive.

This group of activities especially includes advertising, specialized design, photography, creative arts, and entertainment activities.

1. Education & Training:

These activity categories include pre-primary, secondary, and higher education, as well as educational assistance, coaching, and recreational sports.

2. Financial:

This is a well-known activity area that includes activities such as financial intermediation, tax advice, accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. It also excludes operations such as insurance and pension funding.

3. Holding:

This highly sought-after activity category consists of the operations of holding companies. Due to the tax benefits and ease of administration, this activity category draws in a wide spectrum of investors.

4. Human Resources:

Tasks pertaining to HR especially fall under this area of operations. However, it includes temporary employment agencies, employment placement services, and other short-term human resource tasks.

5. Construction of Buildings:

This set of activities includes the construction of roads and railroads, utility projects, other civil engineering projects, demolition, the installation of industrial machinery and equipment, and other operations that are directly related to construction.

Why Should You Obtain A DET Permit For Your Meydan Free Zone License?

However, you have the opportunity to do lawful business with other companies in Meydan Free Zone, other UAE-based free zones, and all over the world with a DET Permit for your trade license in Dubai.

The DET Permit is issued by the Dubai Economic and Tourism Department and protects your company from infractions that might result in fines of up to AED 100,000 while also expanding your market of suppliers and clients.

If you wish to establish a Meydan Free Zone Company in Dubai and rent space for your business outside of the Meydan Free Zone, you can also apply for a no-objection letter, or NOC to Lease a Facility Outside the Free Zone.

Why Apply for a Meydan Free Zone License?

Meydan Free Zone is a thriving, ideally located economic center with one of the most renowned business locations in the region. The Meydan Hotel’s location offers quick access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Downtown Dubai and is also 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport. You will also have access to a fully equipped business center and frequent networking events as a member of the Meydan Free Zone family.

Collect Your license

We offer a wide choice of cutting-edge lifestyle and investment benefits to our clients in a secure, regulated environment that promotes productivity. A further objective of the Meydan Free Zone is to support the establishment and growth of new businesses.

To start a business in Dubai, however, you may get assistance from our team of experts at every stage, including registering your company name and managing license and visa applications. Connect with UAE Expansion for Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai.

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