How to Start a Limited Liability Company in Dubai?

LLC company formation in Dubai

Dubai being on the path to being a smart city is one of the most technologically advanced, well-developed, and populated emirates in the UAE. Today it is considered one of the most attractive and economical destinations to do business. This is why one of the most common choices for company formation in Dubai is a Limited Liability Company. 

If you are interested in LLC company formation in Dubai, you must first understand what an LLC company is in Dubai.

LLC Company in Dubai

For expats who are not well aware of what an is LLC company in Dubai, a Limited Liability Company is a legal business structure that offers personal liability protection to a firm. In LLC Dubai, the company’s liability is limited to the company or up to the company’s shareholder capital. 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) government is the government body that looks after UAE company registers and issues licenses for the LLC Dubai. Moreover, The DED is accountable for regulating the types of business activities a company can conduct within the country.

An LLC Dubai company register does not require any minimum share capital. Furthermore, LLC Dubai has a smooth and flexible management structure that offers liability protection and various tax benefits as well. 

Now you might be wondering how to get an LLC license in Dubai. In this blog, you will read about the steps for an LLC UAE company registration and how to get an LLC license in Dubai.

How to Get an LLC Company License in Dubai?

The process of LLC company registration in Dubai and getting your license is straightforward. However, the paperwork can be tedious and time-consuming. We advise you to get help from company formation experts at the UAE Expansion India Branch to make the process seamless for you. Follow the given steps to complete your to get your LLC Dubai license.

  • Select your business activities based on the nature of your business. You can choose from 2000 plus business activities offered by the UAE government. However, you are allowed to opt for only ten activities on one license.
  • Choose and register a suitable name for your company with DED. Make sure the name you choose complies with the terms and conditions set by the government for company names. One important condition to remember is that the company name must end with the abbreviations of the company’s legal structure.
  • Apply for initial approval from the DED. Submit your national ID, passport and visa copy, business plan and company name registration slip. Once you get approval, your company will receive a commercial registry. 
  • Draft an MoA (Memorandum of Association) with a UAE national. Furthermore, all the shareholders must sign it in front of a public notary.
  • Find a suitable location for your company and rent an office. Make sure to secure a proper location plan and map. Next, register it with Ejari to generate your tenancy contract and your unique Ejari number.
  • Finish the paperwork and submit all the required documents to DED for the final inspection.
  • If everything seems fine, the DED will grant your LLC Dubai license in a matter of 3 to working days. 
  • Make sure to pay the required one-time registration fee to the government within 24 hours of receiving your license. 
  • You are all set to start your LLC in Dubai and conduct your business activities easily. However, if you fail to complete the payment, the DED will cancel your license, and you will have to re-apply. 

What are the benefits of LLC Company Formation in Dubai?

There are ample advantages of an LLC Dubai company register. Therefore, a good number of entrepreneurs are always willing to know more about an LLC company formation in Dubai and its benefits. 

  • Limited liability to the shares in the capital.
  • Enjoy the freedom to conduct any business activity except for banking, insurance, and investment.
  • You are free to trade anywhere in the country, including the free zones. 
  • No unnecessary restrictions to renting office space only in Dubai. You can rent an office anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.
  • If you choose to do an LLC company formation in Dubai, you can apply for multiple visas as per the size of your company and the number of employees.
  • Moreover, the best part is that the DED recently officially waived off paid-up capital requirements on LLCs.
  • Enjoy the easy process of opening a corporate bank account to support smooth financial transactions with exclusive services.
  • Get international recognition for your company.
  • You are entitled to own 100% shares of your company.
  • No more need to partner with a local sponsor to form a company in Dubai.

What are The Major Requirements for An LLC Company in Dubai?

Although the process of LLC company formation in Dubai is straightforward, the paperwork can be tedious. It is crucial to be highly vigilant while arranging the documents for submission. However, if you are new to the process, we suggest you reach out to expert legal advisors.

They will help you with the paperwork and guide you at every step of your LLC company formation in Dubai. To make it easier for you, we have curated a list of important documents required for an LLC company formation in Dubai.

  • MoA and AoA – duly signed by all the business partners.
  • Company name registration certificate issued by the DED.
  • Copy of your passport. Also, copies of the passports of your business partners.
  • Approval for business activities from the DED.
  • Tenancy contract and unique Ejari code.
  • Initial Approval Certificate.
  • LLC license application form. 

LLC company formation in Dubai follows a simple step:

  • Determine the type of legal entity.
  • Choose a trading name.
  • Apply for an LLC license.
  • Choose an office space.
  • Get pre-approvals, register your business, and get your license.

Form Your LLC company in Dubai at a Low Cost with UAE Expansion!

Among all the other business forms, LLC company formation in Dubai is the most common and popular legal structure to do business in Dubai mainland. The process of setting up an LLC in Dubai is simple but can be very time-consuming. To make the process seamless and quick, connect with business setup experts at UAE Expansion India Branch.

Our experienced business consultants and legal advisors will give you a much better understanding of what is LLC company in Dubai, guide you at every step of the process and also acquire your business license at an affordable price. From paperwork to submissions and approvals from various legal departments till acquiring your business license, we will take care of it all. All you need to do is, call us.

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