Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai

Ever since the global outbreak of Covid-19, the healthcare industry has witnessed a swift rise. Dubai, well-known for its healthcare facilities, has become a hub for people seeking different kinds of treatments. It is because of the most advanced medical and healthcare technologies and prime medical services, the UAE government welcomes resident entrepreneurs as well as expat investors for Healthcare business setup in Dubai.

Why start a Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai?

The strategic location and booming economy of Dubai make it an ideal location to start a healthcare business. In addition, it offers a modern business structure with great access to both medical resources and technology. Other reasons may include –

  • Complete ownership of your company
  • Exemption from taxes
  • No customs duties fees
  • A steady stream of potential patients demanding quality healthcare services
  • Huge opportunity to collaborate with other alike businesses
  • Quick and easy business setup with minimal bureaucracy
  • Flexible visa options; Easy to apply for visas for self and employees
  • Popular with large and multinational corporations

With the right business plan and guidance from UAE Expansion, you can establish a successful healthcare business in Dubai.

What are the various types of Healthcare businesses in Dubai?

Healthcare is rapidly growing in Dubai offering a range of services. As an entrepreneur, you can consider investing in different types of healthcare business, such as –

1. Professional development training

Providing the best quality services is one of the top priorities of this sector. Hence, to achieve this, it is important to have well-trained and highly skilled medical staff in hospitals, clinics, and other medical communities. Establishing a training center and educating all the fresher healthcare professionals in different areas of development such as social, behavioral, clinical, and professional through various courses can be an option.

2. Ambulatory service providers

The ambulatory service business or outpatient clinics is a great business idea to start in Dubai. This type of business focuses on patients with small wounds, and those who need minor surgeries. Besides, patients do not actually have to go to the hospital to get treated. Opening a healthcare company for such services can be profitable as there is a huge margin to grow and expand with minimal investment.

3. Medical publishing business

This type of business caters to medical professionals as well as students. It works on medical journals and books and handles medical databases and clinical research papers.

4. Private clinics

Since most people in Dubai look for high-quality services in terms of food, education, lifestyle, or healthcare, opening a private clinic can be a lucrative business idea. All you have to do is acquire the relevant licenses and permissions to set up your clinic in Dubai.

5. Healthcare consultancy

The rising number of medical facility centers and medical facility providers in Dubai is equally proportional to the need for healthcare consultancy. By providing counseling and advisory services to medical professionals, you can have a solid career in medical consultancy.

6. Education providing

There is a perpetual rise in the number of students who are interested in studying medicine and want to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. Thus, to provide relevant educational services to these students, you can consider starting a medical college, medical university, or technical healthcare education sector in Dubai.

8. Pharmacies

Pharmacy stores distribute prescription medications and sell retail drugs and medical supplies.

9. Nursing homes

This kind of setup is mainly for elderly or disabled patients who need long-term care or treatment. Nursing homes are usually operated by nurses and caretakers who provide around-the-clock medical services.

What is the procedure to start a Healthcare business in Dubai?

Whether you choose to set up your clinic on your own or outsource the entire process, knowing the procedure is extremely helpful. So, here are some basic steps to start a healthcare company in Dubai –

1. Trade name reservation

Find a name for your medical establishment in line with the trade name laws and regulations of the UAE government. It is always better to pick at least three desired business names and reserve the most suitable one after cross-checking with an expert.

2. Preliminary clearance

Submit all the required papers to the DED (Department of Economic Development) to attain initial approval. Additionally, present a comprehensive business plan to the Dubai Municipality to get permission for the proposed specialty clinic.

3. Approval from the Department of Health & Human Services

After getting permission from the DED, seek permission from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHA) to open your healthcare firm in Dubai. For the same, submit an application to the authorities along with a feasibility study for your business plan.

4. License application

To get your clinic registered, submit an application along with all the required documents to the relevant authorities. To avoid any delays or rejections, you can get the application double-checked by UAE Expansion professionals.

5. Final approval

To attain the final approval from DED, you will need to submit an NOC, a lease contract, a list of all the medical directors and healthcare experts employed in the firm, and the initial approval certificate. Once you pay the registration fee, DED will review your application and confirm for approval accordingly.

6. DHA Medical license application

A medical license from the Department of Health and Human Services is also important for your healthcare business setup in Dubai. UAE Expansion business professionals will educate you about all the legal requirements associated with this license and help you obtain your license after completing all of them successfully.

What are the documents required for Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai?

To set up a healthcare business in Dubai, you need to submit certain documents, such as –

  • Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association signed by the shareholders
  • Tenancy contract/Proof of legal address of the business in Dubai
  • Professional license from the Department of Health
  • Authorization certificate from the Dubai Health Authority
  • Necessary permissions and approvals for medical equipment

Key points to remember:-

  • Duly notarize all the documents and translate them into Arabic, as prescribed by DHA. This step will ensure that all documents are legal and compliant with the local laws.
  • Any failure to conform to the regulations of DHA can result in hefty fines or even the termination of the business.
  • Foreign investors willing to open a healthcare business in Dubai have to get an investor visa.

What is the cost of setting up a healthcare center in Dubai?

The cost of opening a healthcare business in Dubai completely depends on the location and the facilities required for the setup. However, the basic charges would include the following –

  • Dubai Health Authority Approval Fees
  • License Registration Fees
  • MOHRE(Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation) and Immigration Registration Fees
  • Initial investment capital
  • Rent of the premises
  • Municipality Fees
  • Interior decoration charges
  • Staff remuneration
  • Operation costs

You can always take help from expert business setup consultants of UAE Expansion who will assist you with a proper business plan and the estimated costs associated with it.

Connect with UAE Expansion for professional assistance

Employing a one-stop business service provider like UAE Expansion can make a huge difference in acquiring the necessary permissions from various health departments for your Healthcare business setup in Dubai. Their legal advisors will help you take all major decisions such as choosing a location, finding a DHA-approved layout designer, documentation, etc.

So, book your free consultancy with UAE Expansion today!

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