How can I get a general trading license in Sharjah?

general trading license in Sharjah

Sharjah has succeeded in maintaining its presence in the Middle East by providing a perfect gateway to conduct business globally. The Emirate’s marked connection with the diverse Gulf markets makes it a sought-after place for trading. Thus, securing a general trading license in Sharjah would help you take your business to the next level.

General trading license Sharjah

The general trading license is categorized under a commercial license in Sharjah.

  • Activity Code: 521904
  • Activity Group: Other Trading Activities
  • License Type: Commercial

A general trading license is a legal permit that allows businesses to import, export, and re-export any number of unrelated goods under one license. This simply means you can trade in a wide range of commodities, except the prohibited ones like oil, tobacco, alcohol, etc. On the other hand, the most common activities that are covered under this license include import & export, retail stores, online selling, trading DHA-approved medical products, etc.

A general trading license in Sharjah is one of the coveted licenses as it enables investors to trade easily across local regions as well as foreign countries. Hence, in this article, we will take a deep dive into the various aspects of the Sharjah general trading license, what it offers, and how you can apply for it.

Advantages of getting a Sharjah license

Sharjah houses one of the largest industrial zones in the country. Its ultra-modern infrastructure, sturdy legislative and security framework, and strategic location help in consolidating its position as a leader in the world economy. And therefore, many foreign investors are lured to invest in Sharjah’s lucrative economy and reap the benefits of it.

So, here are some of the major advantages of starting a company in Sharjah –

1. Endless scope

Sharjah allows you to trade in almost anything, starting from retail and wholesale goods to food, pet supplies, hardware, garments, baby products, etc. Once you acquire your general trading license in Sharjah, you can go ahead and export your products to foreign countries and expand your business locally as well as internationally. One of the ideal options is to find a free zone that allows you to add up to 5 activities under one license. This way you can enjoy a seamless and affordable experience in trading.

Business Setup consultants at UAE Expansion will help you with the compliance and paperwork to generate a license within a short period of time.

2. Simple procedure

The process of business setup in Sharjah is not at all time-consuming or overwhelming. All you need to do is complete some basic company formation steps. After completion, you will receive your business license and Emirates ID, which you can further use to rent a home or open a bank account.

Nonetheless, to ease this entire procedure, you can work with a reliable business setup company in Sharjah that can ensure you a simplified and effortless company formation with fewer chances of loopholes and delays.

3. Low-cost license

A general trading license in the Sharjah Free Zone is comparatively cheaper than other Free zones in the UAE. Usually, the Sharjah general trading license cost incorporates several factors including the business activity, the visa quota, the business structure, the number of business partners, and the location. Although the business owners have to incur this cost once, they can enjoy the perks and benefits of it for years.

Hence, for better knowledge and insights about Sharjah Free Zones and the general trading license fees in Sharjah, it is better to talk to an expert and learn about the available trade licenses in the region, their limitations, validity, and additional costs for better financial planning.

4. Tax-free

In many countries, manufacturing and trading is a costly affair. The companies have to pay hefty amounts and heavy taxes to carry out these activities. This thus becomes a great cause of concern for investors, which eventually prevents them from expanding their businesses into new markets.

However, in UAE, investors with valid licenses are relieved from heavy tax burdens. In simpler terms, they do not have to pay any personal taxes for doing business, while corporate taxes are nominal rates. UAE Expansion advisors will explain the whole scenario in understandable terms and help you obtain your UAE license conveniently.

5. Easy sponsors

Setting up a business in Sharjah facilitates business owners with an easy application for UAE visas for their employees. For instance, Sharjah Free Zone allows up to 20 visas under one license. Moreover, there is no compulsion on obtaining NOC from the local sponsor and submitting auditing reports. In short, they can their visas in a fast and hassle-free way.

6. Government support

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is the third largest Emirate in the UAE in terms of population. The city is situated close to Dubai which makes it quite significant to incorporate a business here, Moreover, the companies in Sharjah receive a lot of support from the government, free zone authorities, and other major departments in the form of benefits and incentives.

7. Abundant resources

Sharjah lodges immense amount of resources such as water and electricity which makes manufacturing more convenient and cheaper. Moreover, the Sharjah government incurs around 60% of the total cost of the resources used for day-to-day production activities. Thus, the manufacturing industries can utilize these resources amply to produce their required output.

Other reasons to consider Sharjah General Trading License:-

  • Opportunity to trade in several industry
  • No restrictions on the quantity of workforce
  • Full security of investment
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • No trade barriers
  • Advanced communication system
  • One of the largest cargo hubs in the world
  • Full repatriation of all profits
  • Great industrial and warehouse facilities
  • Strong banking network
  • Access to advanced logistics and support

On the whole, a Sharjah trade license offers a perfect mix of profits and facilities that helps businesses to grow and thrive in their niche without worrying about legal obstructions and limitations.

Steps to getting a general trading license in Sharjah

Even though the application process for a general trading license in Sharjah is relatively straightforward, you’ll need to be well-equipped with the right documents and information to give your best shot. UAE Expansion Business Setup consultants will guide you through every step of the process and make sure that you acquire your license as quickly and smoothly as possible.

So, this is how you can apply for your license in Sharjah –

  • Pick your business activity or list multiple activities you want to conduct
  • Choose your trade name and ensure its adherence to the UAE’s naming conventions.
  • Get initial approvals for company formation from the relevant authorities
  • File an application for a license and submit all the requested documents to the concerned department
  • Pay the necessary fee and wait for the confirmation of your application
  • Once approved, receive your license from the relevant department

Work with UAE Expansion!

At UAE Expansion, you get the combination of deep knowledge and broad experience that will help you navigate every stage of your license application process. Their team of professionals will work with you to handle your business setup in Dubai from start to finish. They will help you evaluate the right structure for your company, cooperate in preparing a business plan, and handle paperwork and documentation formalities, thereby ensuring that you receive your license with minimal hassles and effort.

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