Everything to Know About DHA License in Dubai

DHA License in Dubai

Ever since the pandemic shook the world with tragic deaths and health deteriorations, the whole world realized the value of health and life. Healthcare professionals put their lives on the frontline to deliver the best service to their patients. In fact, in a place like Dubai, popular for its affluence and luxury, health had become a major concern.

The allied healthcare workers were the first line of contact. And, since people are well aware of the riches and privileges of Dubai, more and more from this field are wanting to migrate to this city and start their careers. But the question arises of how to be a legal health practitioner in Dubai. How to get a DHA license in Dubai? Well, we have covered all your queries in this article.

DHA License in Dubai

Healthcare professionals who possess the required expertise and wish to pursue their careers in the United Arab Emirates must acquire a DHA license in Dubai. They need to pass the skill test and certain assessments to obtain this healthcare practice license.

The Dubai Health Authority Exam is a nationwide examination for healthcare professionals who want to practice legally in Dubai. The exam application varies depending on the candidate’s Professional Qualifications and experience.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and the Ruler of Dubai initiated the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), one of the prominent healthcare organizations in Dubai. The DHA administers this exam and also manages the professional licensing of medical professionals. On the whole, it supervises the overall health system in Dubai by providing an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system to the citizens.

Who can apply for a DHA License?

The Health Regulation Department (HRD), also known as the DHA license agency in Dubai, issues permits to healthcare professionals. Below are categories of professionals who can apply for a DHA permit in Dubai –

  • General practitioners, such as physicians, dentists, etc.
  • Allied health professionals such as nurses, midwives, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Specialists
  • Health consultants

How to get a DHA license in Dubai?

The process to acquire a DHA license in Dubai is quite long, yet attainable. All you need to do is follow certain steps. For instance –

Prepare all required documents

The first step starts with getting all the requested documents properly scanned as well as attested. The applicant must gather the following documents for this step –

  • Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • Work experience certificate
  • Colour passport-sized photograph
  • Copy of passport
  • Authorization letter for DHA
  • Valid PRC license
  • Board Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Create an account in Sheryan

Sheryan is basically a self-assessment tool used to find whether you’re eligible to be a part of the Dubai Medical Registry or not. So, you must create a Sheryan account online and submit all the required information, everything that is relevant for the DHA license application. For example, Passport, Passport Photo, Transcript of Records, etc. Based on the information, the portal will reveal whether or not you are eligible for this process. If yes, then you can move on to the next step.

Get your Eligibility ID

Once you are eligible for the DHA assessment, submit an online application with the required details. You might also have to pay a nominal fee for the same. The evaluation process may take time, say about 6 weeks. Thus, by that time, the applicant can prepare for the next process, which is PSV and Scheduling of Prometric Examination.

Apply for Primary Source Verification (PSV)

Once the DHA evaluates the submitted information, they will share an email that contains the link for your Primary Source Verification. The PSV is basically a stage where the candidate has to undergo a highly reliable background screening procedure to verify their personal or professional credentials directly from its original issuing source.

After the verification, pay the fees and wait for your PSV report. This may again take up to six weeks.

Schedule your DHA Prometric Exam

Now that you have successfully come ahead of the eligibility and verification phases, it’s time to undergo the next assessment phase – DHA Prometric Exam. At this stage, the applicant must get ready for the DHA exam and do pre-registration and confirmation for the exam dates as per their preference. Furthermore, the applicant must comprehensively study the DHA exam pattern and questions that they might encounter. You can also refer to the review course for better learning.

Get in touch with the experts of UAE Expansion to learn more about the DHA eligibility criteria, how to prepare for the DHA exam, and also how to get DHA license in Dubai timely.

Take the DHA exam

On the scheduled day of the exam, make sure to carry all your identification proof such as your passport and appointment receipt. Also, ensure to arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the scheduled time to have room for preparation. In case of any failure in the aforementioned, then it might lead to disqualification of the candidate. In that case, you might have to register and schedule again for the exam and pay the exam fee once again.

Wait for Exam results

Results are usually out after two to five days of the exam. You can check for your results in your Sheryan account. The exam results would claim either pass or fail. Hence, no examination scores or certificates are issued to the candidate for the same.

Go through the Prof Credentialing Evaluation phase to acquire the DHA license

Once your results are out and you have passed the Prometric exam, it is time to proceed to the Prof Credentialing Evaluation phase. In this process, the candidate will receive an eligibility letter, which will further be needed for their DHA license. Therefore, the candidate must, most importantly, find a job first in order to process their license application. Present your eligibility letter to your employer and they will complete the rest of the license formalities for you.

Procedure for setting up a clinic in Dubai

  • Register the trade name of the clinic
  • Obtain initial approval from the authorities
  • Sign the Local Service Agent agreement and civil work agreement
  • Fill out the application form and submit the documents
  • Pay the fee
  • Prepare your clinic for DHA inspection
  • Get final approvals and clinic license
  • Hire healthcare professionals for the clinic

Documents required for setting up a clinic in Dubai

  • Trade license
  • Tenancy contract of the commercial property
  • Undertaking letter from the owner
  • The document specifying the specialties your facility will offer
  • An outlay of your clinic
  • Expected number of healthcare workers you intend to employ, such as doctors, nurses, etc.


The Dubai Health Authority focuses on creating an inspiring work environment that attracts talented healthcare workers as well as fosters patients’ trust. It aims at providing quality, efficacy, and exceptional care and support to the citizens in terms of health and well-being.

And that is why it initiated the DHA training and assessment program to provide adequate education and knowledge to qualified individuals and help them become licensed medical professionals working in Dubai.

The DHA certification opens up many job opportunities to aspiring medical professionals and helps them validate their professional performance. Additionally, it supports them in acquiring a valid license to practice their work in the Dubai medical industry. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare vigorously for the DHA Prometric exam and assessment and focus on achieving success on the first go.

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