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eCommerce License in Dubai

How to Get an eCommerce License in Dubai?

Over the past few years, many entrepreneurs have shown interest in getting an eCommerce license in Dubai. According to the stats, The UAE’s eCommerce market jumped by 53% in 2020. It noted a record of $3.9 billion in eCommerce sales, constituting 10% of total retail sales. Now, that is a huge jump. Moreover, The Dubai […]
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DHA License in Dubai

Everything to Know About DHA License in Dubai

Ever since the pandemic shook the world with tragic deaths and health deteriorations, the whole world realized the value of health and life. Healthcare professionals put their lives on the frontline to deliver the best service to their patients. In fact, in a place like Dubai, popular for its affluence and luxury, health had become […]
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ICA Smart Services in UAE

ICA Smart Services in UAE 2023

Are you an Indian entrepreneur wishing to return to the UAE? If yes, ICA Smart Services in UAE can help you enter and tap the vibrant and growing UAE economy. Expats wanting to return to the country can return with an adequate return permit based on their granted visa and destination.  The ICA Services in […]
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