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crypto license in Dubai

How to get a crypto license in Dubai?

Crypto is one of the buzzwords today. From buying things to trading, cryptocurrency has become huge. If you know what it is and how it works and are swirling with interest in it, why not get a crypto license in Dubai? It’s not surprising anymore to hear that Dubai has seamless regulations. And because of these […]
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eCommerce License in Dubai

How to Get an eCommerce License in Dubai?

Over the past few years, many entrepreneurs have shown interest in getting an eCommerce license in Dubai. According to the stats, The UAE’s e-commerce market jumped by 53% in 2020. It noted a record of $3.9 billion in eCommerce sales, constituting 10% of total retail sales. Now, that is a huge jump. Moreover, The Dubai Chamber […]
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Renew a Trade License in Abu Dhabi

How to Renew a Trade License in Abu Dhabi?

All businesses in Abu Dhabi must have a valid trade license to enjoy a peaceful corporate tenure in the region without causing any legal concerns. Trade license renewal in Abu Dhabi is paramount to maintain your license’s validity, and the same must be done at least one month before the license expiry. Be it a commercial trading […]
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Trade License in Dubai

How to Get a Trade License Dubai?

The Indian investors and expatriates looking to open a business in Dubai must secure a trading license first. It’s a legal document that legitimizes all your business activities in the UAE. The Dubai trade license cost depends on multiple factors. These include the business location, types of activities, and a lot more. We, at UAE Expansion UAE, […]
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DED License in Dubai

How to Apply for a DED License in Dubai?

Businesses cannot be established with just a snap of the fingers. You need a proper plan, a sufficient budget, and comprehensive guidance to move forward. However, to get legal recognition for your business in UAE, you would require a valid license. A DED License in Dubai is a fundamental requirement for anyone looking to start a business […]
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Instant License in Dubai

How to Get an Instant License in Dubai Easily?

It is widely known that trade licenses are fundamental for establishing a business in the UAE. Apparently, there are different types of licenses categorized on the basis of the activities companies execute such as industrial activities, professional activities, and commercial activities. The overall procedure to obtain one of these licenses takes a minimum of three […]
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