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Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS) is one of the most promising business sites in the United Arab Emirates. Ever since its foundation in 2017,  Sharjah Media Free Zone has proven to be a popular place for business establishments, especially from the media sector. It’s a creative hub that nurtures resourceful firms and entrepreneurs willing to carry out media-based activities in the region. 

Hence, establishing a company in the SHAMS Sharjah Media City can be a wise decision, considering the fact that the free zone also caters to several other industries as well. UAE Expansion can help you launch your business idea in the SHAMS Free Zone Sharjah and get your business up and running in a short span of time. 

Benefits of business setup in Sharjah media city

1. No NOC is required 

Individuals with a UAE residence visa, who are willing to start a business in the SHAMS Free Zone do not need to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the local sponsor. This thus relieves them from an extra chore in the documentation process.   

2. Capital repatriation 

Businesses in the Sharjah Media Free Zone do not have to share their profits with anyone in the UAE. As they are exempted from any kind of tax, all the profit goes down to the business owner. Hence, they are free to repatriate their profits and funds to their home country. 

3. Investor/partner visas 

Sharjah Media City free zone authority allows business owners to apply for investor and partner visas. These visas stay valid for up to 3 years. Additionally, unlike other free zones, SHAMS does not require investors to rent costly offices in order to apply for employee visas. 

4. Quick documentation 

One of the major advantages of SHAMS business setup is that it offers extremely quick and efficient documentation during the company formation. The owners can receive their corporate documents within a few days of the submission of the application. 

5. No need for minimum share capital or annual audit 

Unlike other free zones, SHAMS does not require you to block a large share capital amount in order to set up a new venture. In addition, it also relieves you from the hefty company audit tasks for the renewal of your company license. 

6. Flexible office options 

Sharjah Media City has flexible corporate options for businesses, such Flexi desks, executive offices, etc. These office spaces come with state-of-the-art business facilities that enable companies to work better in peace and comfort. 

7. Straightforward process 

SHAMS Freezone is popular among investors due to its quick and convenient process. Moreover, the business owner does not even need to be physically present in the UAE to get it done. The process involves some basic steps, which you can complete with the help of business setup experts. 

8. Covers multiple business activities under the same trade license 

SHAMS approves around 120 business activities. Hence, you can easily operate multiple activities on the same business license. 

9. Flexible visa regulations 

SHAMS has flexible visa regulations. For instance, entrepreneurs owning a shared desk facility can apply for up to 6 visas for their employees, whereas with a dedicated desk facility, they can apply for 12 visas. 

10. Strategic location 

Sharjah Media City is situated in the Sharjah Emirate. The free zone is just minutes away from the Sharjah International Airport and the Dubai International Airport. Moreover, it also links the road connecting Sharjah and Dubai. 

Additional advanatages:- 

  • Business ownership 
  • Hassle-free recruitment 
  • Tax incentives 
  • Free to open a corporate bank account 
  • No foreign currency restrictions 
  • Allows young people, starting from the age of 19, to establish a company 
  • Easy to trade with other companies within and outside UAE 
  • Ability to sponsor the employees 
  • Exemption from import and export duties 
  • Allows remote registration 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Global connectivity 
  • Exceptional infrastructure 

Types of Sharjah Media City Free Zone license 

The Sharjah Media City free zone authority allows different types of licenses for business setup – 

1. Media license 

The media license allows individuals and firms to perform media activities in the free zone, such as printing & publication, media programming, telecommunications, media consultancy, advertising, and design activities. 

2. Trading license 

With the trading license, one can engage in general trading, including retail and wholesale trading, import of raw materials for distribution, and export of finished commodities. 

3. Service license 

This particular license is a tailor-made permit issued to those companies and individuals who want to offer specialized services to their potential clients. For example, IT services, accounting services, consultancy, etc. 

4. Industrial license 

The industrial license allows companies to perform industrial activities, including importing raw materials, manufacturing, processing, and exporting finished goods. 

Contact the UAE Expansion agents to know more details about the Sharjah Media City license. 

Allowed entities in SHAMS Sharjah Free Zone 

Business formation in Sharjah requires you to select the type of corporate structure from the available options. These are – 

Limited Liability Company 

  • Established with 1-50 shareholders 
  • Shareholders can be individuals, corporate entities, or a blend of both 
  • Regulated by the rules and regulations of the SHAMS free zone authority 


  • An extension of a well-established parent company, which holds control and power over the branch 
  • Not regulated by the Free Zone authorities 
  • Requires only a single manager to operate 

In addition, Sharjah Media Free Zone also allows you to select from among various facilities available for business operations, such as – 

  • Dedicated desks – These are fixed spaces designed for entrepreneurs who looking for flexible space and networking opportunities. 
  • Dedicated offices – It is an individual lockable office space that offers a private working environment for entrepreneurs and employees, encouraging collaboration among them. 
  • Shared desks – These are common spaces shared by individuals of like minds. Their modern aesthetic and practical setup makes it ideal for start-ups and those who cannot afford separate offices. 
  • Shared offices – These offices give more private space and networking opportunities to individuals and corporates. 

UAE Expansion offers extended support to businesses and investors from all over the globe who wish to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in UAE. Utilize any of UAE Expansion Sharjah media city free zone packages and get a creative workspace and exclusive service for all your business needs.   

Steps to Set up a Sharjah Media free zone company 

  • Determine the kind of legal entity you want 
  • Select the office space and amenities you require 
  • Gather and submit the documents along with the license application 
  • Receive your license and start operating 

Required documents for Sharjah media city license application – 

  • Copy of shareholders’ passports 
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association 
  • Trade license/Certificate of Incorporation (of the parent company in case you are establishing a branch) 
  • NOC for UAE residents, if required 

Make sure that all the documents are duly attested and approved by the relevant officials. And since there are several departments dealing with business setup formalities, ensure to get approvals from all these departments. 

There may be a range of steps involved in the entire business setup procedure. Some may be complicated, and some less tricky. Hence, the first thing you could do is team up with business setup consultants in Sharjah who can help you handle all the legal tasks and offer comprehensive services related to business setup in Dubai. 

Activities permitted under the Sharjah Media City trade license 

  • Manufacturing 
  • IT & Communication 
  • Auto Repair and maintenance 
  • Arts & Entertainment 
  • Wholesale & Retail Trade 
  • Accommodation & Food Service providing activities 
  • Financial & Insurance Activities 
  • Storage & Transportation 
  • Administrative & Support Service Activities 
  • Education 

Set up your business in Sharjah! 

UAE Expansion is one of the leading consulting firms with extensive experience and a proven track record of business formation all over the UAE. Their trained professionals will help you establish your business in the Sharjah Media Free zone with services tailored to your needs. 

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