Business License Cost in Dubai

Business License Cost in Dubai

All legal entities in the UAE must have a valid business license to carry out their business activities. Be it the aspiring Indian entrepreneurs or UAE locals – all need to apply for a business license. Moreover, the business license cost in Dubai must be completely settled before you establish your company.

It can become a bit tiresome for a foreign investor to take care of all the legalities all by himself. Therefore, it’s better to take help from the business experts at UAE Expansion India. We provide end-to-end business assistance and take care of everything related to securing a business license in the UAE.

How Much Does a Business License Cost in Dubai?

The business license in Dubai cost isn’t a one-dimensional venture. It depends on multiple factors, including your approved business activities, external certificates, exclusive business privileges, and a lot more. Therefore, there’s no one-fits-all cost estimate for the cost of a business license.

However, you can obtain a trading license in the UAE for as low as AED 10,000 when you collaborate with UAE Expansion. Costs like trade name reservation, initial approval, and more are one-time government fees. However, you need to renew your business license every year to maintain its validity. Therefore, this also adds to the overall business license cost in Dubai.

What are the Steps to Secure a Business License in Dubai?

Listed below are the steps to secure a business license in Dubai:

1. List your Business Activities

The first step is to list all the business activities you wish to carry out in the Emirates. In addition, you also have the freedom to apply for external approvals. All you need to do is approach the concerned governing body and provide the business justification to secure the approval.

Furthermore, you also need to finalize the legal structure of your dream venture. It can be an LLC, sole proprietorship, online venture, etc. As a result, the company formation experts at UAE Expansion help you with this requirement.

2. Book a Trading Name

All business entities in the UAE must book a legal trading name for their ventures. Therefore, ensure that you follow all the naming convention guidelines when drafting the list of business names. Moreover, refrain from using bad words, derogatory terms, or any references to a God or religion.

Always use a person’s full name if you want to reserve it as your legal business name. Note that you’ll be liable to pay extra charges for using a foreign trading name.

3. Choose a Location

The location of your venture in the UAE plays a pivotal role in your company’s success. Therefore, you must make an educated decision regarding the business location after understanding the pros and cons of each business zone.

You can launch your company in the mainland region as well as any of the free zones. The business license in Dubai cost varies in both zones. Therefore, getting in touch with UAE Expansion business consultants is better as we educate you about various business zones in Dubai.

4. Apply for a Business License

A business license is imperative to carry out the desired business activities. The mainland companies can get in touch with the DED to secure such a license. On the other hand, each free zone company needs to connect with the concerned jurisdiction.

The types of business licenses in Dubai include:

5. Secure External Approvals

Indian entrepreneurs and other expatriates looking to launch their companies in the UAE must gain approvals for all the required business activities. However, there can be a scenario where all the desired business activities might not feature in the DED’s list.

You don’t need to worry about this as you can obtain external approvals for all these activities. In addition, you also need to secure consent from general governing authorities like the transport authority, Security Regulatory council, and more.

Benefits of Opening a Business in the UAE

  • Tax-Free Regime: the best part about launching your dream venture in the UAE is the tax-free regime. Moreover, Indian investors and other expatriates don’t need to pay any corporate or personal taxes in Dubai.
  • Specialized Business Zones: there are more than 40 free zones in the Emirates. In addition, you can also establish your company in the mainland region to enjoy hassle-free access to Dubai’s local market. Several business-specific free zones cater to your niche industrial requirements and provide business-friendly laws.
  • 100% Business Ownership: the latest amendments made to the Companies Law have empowered mainland businesses to also enjoy complete business ownership. Therefore, be it in the mainland or the free zone, the power always rests on your shoulders.

Documents Required to Acquire a Business License in Dubai

Here’s a curated list of documents you must submit to secure a business license:

  • Trade name choices (at least 3)
  • List of business activities
  • Passport copies of all the business partners
  • UAE Entry stamp/ visa page
  • Passport size photograph as per the protocols (size, background color, etc.)

Acquire Your Business License in Dubai!

Your decision to apply for a business license in Dubai is the right one, thanks to the lucrative business opportunities. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about paying hefty taxes, and mainland companies also have the privileges to trade freely all across the UAE.

All you need to do now is partner with the legal advisors at UAE Expansion. We’ll ensure that the business license in Dubai cost is always in check while taking care of other legalities too. Furthermore, be it licensing, banking, or anything else – we cover it all for your benefit.

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