Best Business to Start in Dubai With Low Investment

Best Business to Start in Dubai With Low Investment

The United Arab Emirates is one of the esteemed countries that values business highly. It renders adequate and efficient resources to launch a significant business. However, it is a widely held belief that businesses require huge capital to reap optimum benefits and therefore, would be impossible to start with a small investment in Dubai. This blog post will address this concern and share some Best Business to Start in Dubai With Low Investment that you can start in Dubai.

Reasons to start a business in Dubai

A small investment company in Dubai can be a wonderful way to start your entrepreneurial journey. Compared to other business destinations, Dubai offers an easy and low-cost business setup. Moreover, one can find many compelling reasons to invest in a business in Dubai. For example,

  • Vast and diverse consumer market
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Secure financial climate
  • A successful business hub
  • World-class facilities
  • Low Tax Policy
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Exceptional administrative support
  • Freezone and mainland business option

Before engaging in bigger initiatives, it is better to test the waters with a small investment and gain valuable experience and analysis. The business formation specialists at UAE Expansion can help you step into this fruitful journey and institute your small business in Dubai.

Top 8 Low-Investment Business in Dubai

Starting a new business with a small investment in the UAE opens up a world of opportunities for investors and business owners. So, here we are sharing some of the best ideas that would require a minimum investment to start a business in Dubai. You can choose the one that suits your preferences and business insight –

1. E-commerce business

As the rate of online shopping is shooting up, starting an e-commerce business can be a rewarding opportunity. You can set up a fashion store, grocery store, or bookstore online and sell your services and products through different digital means such as social media, websites, portals, etc.

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2. Restaurant or bakery

If you are looking for an idea that requires a small investment in Dubai, then a restaurant or a bakery store is a good option. The eatery business has always been one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai considering the high tourist footfalls it witnesses regularly.

Moreover, with countless expatriates working in Dubai, the food business can deliver quick Return on Investment. Although a full-fledged restaurant may necessitate a high initial investment, you can consider starting low-scale with a small café or takeaway services.

3. Online tutoring

The popularity of distance education is rising. Moreover, people are now considering home tuition and online classes, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. If you possess the skill or expertise in a particular subject or art form, you can also start tutoring others while sitting at home in your comfort zone.

4. Social media management

Businesses are now realizing the value of social media and, therefore, are switching their concentration toward online marketing. For this purpose, they need social media management services that can assist them in business promotion, manage their social media presence, and keep their profiles updated on a regular basis. Hence, starting a social media management company in Dubai could be a low-investment business opportunity to consider.

5. Home-based catering

One who has a passion for cooking can easily launch a catering business in Dubai. Besides, starting it as a home-based business would be an economical idea. As a catering business, you can provide your services at social gatherings, celebrations, or even food delivery. All you would need is sufficient space at your home for preparing food and the necessary approvals from the authorities.

6. Consultancy firm

A consultancy firm is yet another business that you can start with a small investment in Dubai. However, you need to be qualified and an expert in the field of consultation you choose. For example, business consultation, legal consultation, finance consultation, IT consultation, etc. As a professional consultant, you can share in-depth knowledge and advice with people who lack awareness and need information about many things.

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7. Cleaning services

Cleaning services are yet another high-in-demand service in Dubai. They are equally coveted in both residential and commercial premises. Hence, you can grab this lucrative opportunity and start a cleaning service-providing company in Dubai with minimal investment. Later, as your business grows, you can diversify your services and expand your reach to further regions in the UAE.

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8. Handyman business

Just like cleaning services, the handyman business is also thriving in Dubai. Being a free, flexible, and lucrative industry, it is drawing a significant number of entrepreneurs and professionals to set up their own ventures in the Arab city. Not only it is a low-cost venture, but it also has the potential to grow quickly and considerably over time.

It has a growing demand in both the residential and commercial sectors. Hence, establishing a handyman business in Dubai can be a sensible move to earn significant profits right away.

5 Tips to start a business with a small investment in Dubai

Here are a few factors to take into account for your business setup in Dubai –

  • Establish your target market – Identifying your target consumers is vital. You need to ascertain their needs and demands and present your offerings accordingly. This will enable you to concentrate your efforts on developing products and services that gratify their needs.
  • Validate your idea – To ensure that your business idea is feasible, conduct extensive research in the market and confirm that there is a possibility for it. You can consider speaking with your potential clients and customers, doing a market study, and even looking for similar goods or services that are already being provided in the target market.
  • Create a plan – A detailed business plan outlines the business goals, target market, and strategy to reach them. It is a basic necessity for every company that will support your efforts, and keep you organized and on task.
  • Create a presence on digital platforms – Online media is a powerful and effective tool to develop your brand image, connect with the audience, and establish a digital presence to grow your consumer base.
  • Discover a marketing strategy – Advertising and promoting your brands and products will help draw more clients and business. You can use your official website, social media accounts, and other marketing approaches to promote your business.

Procedure to start a business in Dubai

The steps involved in launching a business in Dubai are as follows:

  • Determine the business activity
  • Finalize a legal structure and a trading name
  • Register with the Department of Economic Development for initial approval
  • Notarize the company documents
  • Submit the application for a license and complete the paperwork
  • Register with the Ministry of Labor and apply for the Establishment Card
  • Obtain the required permits and licenses and start operating


To conclude, you can start small and grow bigger with your incessant and determined efforts and dedication. Besides, you can always find a favorable environment in Dubai to expand your business dream. All you need to do is invest your time and energy to facilitate business development and growth.

Nevertheless, setting up a business in Dubai can be challenging, especially if you are a newbie or an outsider. Collaborating with UAE Expansion will facilitate the process and help you launch your new company, be it a big or small investment in Dubai.

Book a free consultation session today and get assistance with all your business concerns.

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